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Calling All Moms! It's that time of year again....the dreaded school fundraising season.
Need some new ideas? Take a look at these...

Fundraising Ideas
We realize it's difficult to come up with profitable and interesting fundraising ideas year after year. So we've compiled a list of ideas to give you some suggestions.

Spirit Ribbons - Sell spirit ribbons at school carnivals, fairs and other events. Students love wearing them, displaying them on bulletin boards, lockers and book bags. Teachers and parents think they're great, too!

Badges - A custom badge – featuring your school information and colors – will sell quickly at your next fundraising event. Why? Because badges are an easy way for both parents and students to display their school pride.

Stickers - Sell stickers to students to apply to lockers, books, binders and bulletin boards. In addition to our full range of stock stickers, we can custom print stickers for you in just about any color or style!

Magnets - A must for every parent's fridge! Sell school magnets featuring school details – including homework hotline numbers and other important information. Parents will love their dual purpose!

Pins - A pin can be worn just about anywhere – which helps make it an awesome fundraiser! We have a large selection of spirit pins, award pins and custom pins. Get ready to sell pins for a profit!

Bookmarks - This fundraiser encourages reading as well – so you can accomplish two positive things at once Perfect for book fairs!

Stadium Cups - Imprinted stadium cups in your school colors – featuring all your school details – are a timeless fundraiser! Parents, teachers and students love these festive cups for all occasions.

Bumper Stickers - Proud parents love letting others know where their kids attend school! Custom bumper stickers are an easy way for them to spread the word. Consider selling special bumper stickers for honor roll students and bumper stickers that advertise upcoming school fairs or events.

Teacher Appreciation - Organize a Teacher Appreciation week. Sell students imprinted mugs or other gifts that will be delivered to their favorite teacher.

Car Wash, Plus a Bonus! - Offer a bonus besides just a clean car! Include a free car decal or car magnets with every car wash.

Go to the Hop - Organize a Sock Hop, and instead of selling tickets to get in, require students to purchase socks you are selling. Ideas: Sock Hop Decorations

Talent Night - Everybody loves to show off, so set up a school Talent Night and ask students to sing, dance, tell jokes, or do whatever it is they do best! Sell tickets to students, parents and siblings – they'll love this opportunity to see their family members struttin' their stuff on the stage.

Pet Show - Give the students and community a chance to show off their cats and dogs by hosting a pageant. Have a panel of "judges," several competitions, and a prize for the winners (doggie bones and catnip should suffice!). The entry fees are yours to keep!

Munch and Cheer: - Fill our cheerphones with caps with popcorn. Sell them at the concession stands. Give discounted or free popcorn refills throughout the season.

Back to School Shopping—It’s in the Bag! - Fill mesh backpacks with school supplies—pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, etc., and sell them to parents and students before school starts.

Carabiners - Carabiners are the coolest new kind of key tag. Not only do they look hip, they’re super-dependable. Try losing your house key if it's attached to one of these! You can imprint them and sell them to students or parents at the beginning of the year.

School Year Schedule - Print up school schedules, attach them to a Paw Clip and sell them at the beginning of the year. This is a great item for parents who have to keep all of the schedules straight! This would also work well with class lists.

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