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Beef Jerky Lollipops Pretzel Rods Scratch Cards Katydids Candy Bars Smencils Candles Discount Cards

Fundraising Products to Order Online

You can find the most popular fundraising products available to order online. It will make your life easier! In most cases, shipping is free with a minimum order.

Beef Jerky – includes 3 different brands of jerky and many options for selling. Choose from Jack Links, Bulls, and Game On. Earn 40% to 50% profit, depending on which product you choose.

Lollipops – are one of the most popular fundraisers. Easy to sell and lots of flavors, with specialty pops for sports and holidays. These earn a 50% profit and free shipping.

Pretzel Rods – are a yummy sweet & salty snack that everyone loves to eat. Chocolate covered and rolled in toppings, individually wrapped, and earn up to 50% profit.

Scratch Cards – have been around for years and are still the most profitable fundraising product you’ll find. If all 30 dots are scratched, you’ll earn 80% profit, but if you include the 10% free scratch cards, it ups your profit to 90%! You can customize cards with a photo.

Katydids – are the best selling chocolate fundraising item. These yummy candies made of chocolate covered caramel and pecans are too good to miss. Earns 40% profit.

Candy Bars – are available in 3 popular brands, Kathryn Beich, Nestle, and Van Wyk. Each includes several fundraising kit options. Some are $1 candy bars and some are larger bars that sell for $2. Choose your favorite and enjoy up to 55% profits.

Smencils – are gourmet scented pencils and are made of 100% recycled newspapers! These are not only useful, but smell good, too! These are available in Original, as well as a variety of themes. Earn 40% or 45% profit, depending on which style.

Candles – include the Earth canning jar style and an Hourglass tumbler candle. Both are made by Heritage. Lots of great features and wonderful fragrances.

Discount Cards – includes the Restaurant Card and National Savings Card. These are easy to sell. No second trips to deliver products or money. They earn a 50% profit. Free Shipping.