Scratch Cards for Fundraising

Scratch & Help Card

Scratch & Help® Card Highlights:

  • Earn Up To 90% Profit!
  • No Minimum Order
  • 10% FREE cards with orders of 10+
  • FREE Shipping!
  • Great National Sponsors
  • Most Popular Choice to Raise Funds Easy and Fast
  • Order a Free Sample

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What is a Scratch & Help® Card?

Scratch & Help® Cards are a High Profit fundraising product, earning a net profit of $80 per card when all dots are scratched, and sold only by ABC Fundraising distributors.

Each heavy weight card, measures 4” x 6” and is triple folded. Color choices are blue, green, red, or purple. Each card will be personalized with your group name and can also include your logo or a generic image if ordering at least 10 cards.

On the Inside:

Each card has 50 scratch-off circles on one side. Under each circle is a donation amount of .50 to $3.00. When 2 circles are scratched off, the average amount of donation is $4.00. Each card also includes 25 sheets with coupons from National Sponsors (or custom local sponsors). Each donor receives one of these coupon sheets as a thank you.

Order a Free Info Kit and it will include a Scratch & Help Card sample.

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Earn Up to 90% Profit

Each card cost you $20, and raises $100.00. So, your group keeps $80.00 per card, or 80% profit*.

BUT WAIT! How do you make a 90% profit?

You will always receive 10% free cards with your order of 10 or more cards! So, if you get those cards scratched off also, your profit will be 90%*. You can’t beat that anywhere!

For example, if you order 10 cards, you will receive 1 free card. That 1 free card will earn your group $100 if all circles are scratched.

*Net profit will vary if you do not sell all the coupon sheets in your scratch cards.

Each Scratch & Help® card will raise $100 when all circles are scratched!

Plus, you get Free Shipping, so that will not cut into your profit.

We suggest ordering 1 Scratch & Help® card per participant.

How It Works

How a Scratch Card Works

Custom Coupons

If you don’t like the merchants on your state’s coupons, or if some of them are not in your area, you can choose to have custom coupons or double up on current coupons. There are additional charges for this service.

Read All About Custom Coupons…

How to Pay

There are several ways to pay for the Scratch & Help Fundraising Cards, including credit cards, Pay Pal, check by phone, money orders, purchase orders, check by mail, and more. You can start this fundraiser with no money up front. There are additional charges for some types of payments.

To find out more, read: Ways to Pay.

How to Order

You can order the Scratch & Help® Cards by contacting your ABC Fundraising Distributor. You can start with a free Scratch & Help card sample if you’re unsure or get started now by ordering cards for your group. We recommend one card per participant. It will take about 1 week for cards to arrive.

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