Bobcat Mascot Costumes


Bobcat Mascot

This Bobcat Mascot Costume will be the hit of the game! Everyone loves a mascot and all the antics. Scare up the team spirit and everyone will be cheering.

The costume is made of  tan faux fur, but it has the option to change the color if you decide you want your teams colors. Also, you have the option of purchasing with a tote bag or with a Kold Kollar.


  • Covered with faux fur
  • Includes a fan
  • Fits person 5 foot 2 inches – 6 foot 2 inches
  • Option to change color of fur

Options for Purchase:

  1. Costume only
  2. Combo with Kold Kollar
  3. Combo with Tote
  4. Costume with Color Change