Wildcat Mascot Costumes

There are two choices for Wildcat Mascot Costumes: Standard or Thermo-Lite. Both are made with a gray faux fur covering and come in one size fits all. The standard costume includes a fan inside the head and you can change the color of the fur. The Thermo-Lite is 50% lighter and has a foam head and shoulder straps. Which ever one you choose, everyone will love the antics of a mascot and the fans will roar! Great idea to raise team spirit!

1. Standard Wildcat Mascot Costume

Wildcat Mascot


  • Soft faux fur covering
  • Cooling fan inside head
  • Can change color (extra charge)

Options for Purchase:

  1. Costume Only
  2. Combo with Tote Bag
  3. Combo with Kold Kollar
  4. Option to Change Color

2. Thermo-Lite Wildcat Costume

Thermo-Lite Wildcat Mascot Costume


  • Foam Head
  • Shoulder Straps
  • 50% lighter

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