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Fundraisers Earn Money for Schools by Going Green

Written by: Barb Holbrook

In these tough economic times, schools can use all the help they can get. What better way to help out your local school than by recycling reusable products or selling organic foods and clothes. This article will give you tips on how you can make money by having fundraisers that are geared towards going green such as recycling electronic products and selling products that are organically made as well as educating the community about the benefits of being environmentally friendly.

Cellular Phone Fundraisers

Recycling cell phones are a great way to raise money for local schools because cell phone fundraisers can bring in up to $150 per phone. Cell phone circuitry contains many toxic products that impact the environment. Earning money for your school by recycling cell phones is very simple. Simply have each student, faculty member, and parent bring in an old cell phone, send them to a company the recycles used cell phones, then collect the earnings. Not only have you made money for the school, but you have lessened the impact on the environment.

Collect Inkjet Cartridges for Money

Recycling inkjet cartridges is another way you can earn green by going green. By recycling inkjet cartridges, we reduce the need to use new resources. Over 375 million inkjet cartridges are dumped into landfills by the U.S. every year. Unless an inkjet cartridge is damaged it can be recycled. Simply collect empty inkjet cartridges and send them off to a company that buys recycled cartridges. You can make up to $15 per cartridge.

Candy Wrapper Fundraiser

Candy wrappers, drink pouches, and chip bags are other products that can be recycled for money and seeing as they can be found around school easily, recycling these products should be very simple. While they do not pay anywhere near as much as ink cartridges or cell phones, they can still bring in a good chunk of money if they are collected in large volumes. Companies can be found on the internet that will recycle these products.

E-Waste Collection Drive

The environmental impact of E-Waste in huge. The rapid progress in technology makes many products obsolete in a very short time. This means that E-Waste grows quickly in landfills. Local schools can hold an E-Waste collection drive in which members of the community bring in old electronic products that can be recycled for money such as computers, televisions, and refrigerators. These products can then be sent to companies that recycle these products. The money earned by each of these products varies, but with enough you can make a lot of money for schools.

Make a Green School Store

Schools can also make money by selling green products such as organically made clothes, reusable shopping bags, and Fair-Trade food products. These products help reduce our environmental impact as well as help us raise funds for our local schools. There are many companies that specialize in providing these products to schools. These products can be sold through catalogues, over the internet, or by ordering the products and selling them at local events.

Want to learn more about going green? Then check out for ideas about eco-minded school fundraisers and tips creating a green home.

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