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Top 5 Fundraising Product Ideas!

We have selected our Top 5 most popular fundraising products to help you to decide which product is right for your school, team, club or group.

Online Fundraising | Beef Snacks | Lollipops | Pretzel Rods | Candy Bars

Number 1 - Online Fundraiser

Online Fundraiser - Number 1

Online Fundraiser: Magazines, Cookie Dough, Restaurant Cards

This fundraiser is the most popular because it's FREE to start and will never cost your group anything. You will only earn profits from any items you sell. It can be used in addition to any other fundraisers you might have. Just sign up online (it's really easy), send out an email to students, family, and frieds, have them send out emails to friends and family, etc. Online Fundraising is a fun and easy fundraiser and earns up to 40% profit. Supporters purchase magazines, cookie dough, and other products online at their convenience. The best part's go ahead and sign up!


Number 2 - Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky for Fundraising - Number 2

A Healthy Food Fundraiser

Earn up to 50% profit with this popular fundraising product. Beef jerky is a healthy, high protein, food fundraiser that everyone loves to buy. Sell to students at school and at sports events. Available in several flavors choices in handy kits. Order online, free shipping.


Number 3 - Gourmet Lollipops

Lollipops for Fundraising - Number 3

A Sweet Fundraising Idea - 50% Profit

Lollipops for fundraising come in a variety flavors and shapes. The sports shaped lollipops are great for sports team fundraising. There are also Holiday theme pops for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Lollipops can be purchased, online, with a credit card or Purchase Order (schools only). The low price of 50 cents each makes for big sales! You will receive 50% profit and FREE Shipping with purchase of 1 or more cases.


Number 4 - Pretzel Rods

Pretzel Rods for Fundraising - Number 4

Sweet & Salty Snack for Fundraising

Everyone loves a snack, and these yummy pretzels are the perfect choice. Individually wrapped, salty pretzel rods covered with a sweet chocolate icing, and topped with candy crunches. Yum! Participants can easily sell these to family and friends for only $1 each. Clubs could have a table set up to sell at school or sports events. Earn profits for your school, church, team, club, or any group. You can order these online, as little as one case. Free Shipping, too! The carrier box kits make set-up and selling easier.


Number 5 - One Dollar Candy Bars

Candy Bars for Fundraising - Number 5

Candy Bars for Fundraising

Candy Bars are an easy sell! Most everyone will buy a candy bar, even if they don't eat candy! Since each candy bar cost $1, anyone can easily buy one for themselves or give it to a friend! We recommend ordering one case for each member of your group. Candy bars kits can be paid for with a credit card or Purchase Order (schools only). This gives extra time to sell candy before payment is due. We offer several different brands of dollar candy bars including: Nestle and Kathryn Beich.


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