Cancer Sucks Lollipop Fundraiser

Cancer Sucks Lollipop Fundraiser

Cancer Awareness Lollipop Fundraising Idea

Lollipops are a great idea for a cancer awareness fundraiser. Use the popular slogan of “Cancer Sucks!”. And, offer a variety of colors of lollipops to represent the many colors of cancer and to bring awareness to many types of cancer.

The Yummy Lix lollipops include a large variety of colors and flavors. Plus, they’re very yummy gourmet lollipops. You can sell these lollipops for only 50 cents each and earn a 50% profit. Or, take donations and use the lollipop as a gift for their donation. You will more than likely earn more than enough to pay for the lollipops.

Lollipop Fundraiser Highlights:

  • Assorted Flavors and Colors of Gourmet Lollipops
  • 8 Handy Carrier Cases of 80 Pops Each (640)
  • Minimum order: 1 Case
  • Delivery: 5 days
  • FREE SHIPPING w/minimum order
  • Option to Buy Online

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Colors of Lollipops Can Represent Cancer Awareness Colors

Assortment of Flavors & Colors:

Each Yummy Lix carrier will include an assortment of flavors* and colors.
The colors can represent the type of cancer, the same as Awareness Ribbons.

26 Flavor Choices:

  1. Banana Split
  2. Blue Raspberry
  3. Bubble Gum
  4. Caramel Apple
  5. Cherry Cheesecake
  6. Cherry Lemonade
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Cotton Candy
  9. Grape
  10. Mango Peach
  11. Raspberry Cream
  12. Sour Apple
  13. Blackberry
  14. Blueberry
  15. Tangerine
  16. Wild Berry
  17. Wild Cherry
  18. Strawberry Cream
  19. Pomegranate
  20. Watermelon
  21. Pina Colada
  22. Margarita
  23. Tiramisu
  24. Apple Cinnamon
  25. Citrus Punch
  26. Lemon-Lime

*Flavors/colors subject to change without notice.

Profit Chart:

Cases Ordered Cost Per Case You Collect Profit
1+ $160.00 $320.00 50%

Bulk Lollipops for Fundraising

You can also purchase bulk lollipops from Amazon to use for your Cancer Sucks fundraiser. Every donor receives a lollipop!

The Many Colors of Cancer

Many people wear “Awareness Ribbons” (sometimes called “Hope Ribbons”) to represent the type of cancer they want to bring awareness to or to show that they are supporting someone who has this type of cancer. Each type of cancer is represented by a different color. Sadly, there are many, many colors! The most well known is the pink ribbon for cancer. To read more about Awareness Ribbon colors, visit this link:

Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Cancer Comes in Many Colors – Please Help Wipe Out ALL of Them

Use the slogan: “Cancer Comes in Many Colors – Please Help Wipe Out ALL of Them” when doing your fundraising campaign.