Cheerleading Uniform Fundraiser Ideas

Cheerleading Uniform Fundraising Ideas

3 Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleaders

Cheerleading is a very popular school team sport. The cheerleaders are seen at football and basketball games, performing gymnastic-like turns and flips, all with a great big smile! Cheerleading, like any other sport, has funding needs. The Cheerleading team’s uniforms are critical, because this is how the team is identified. They cheer wearing the school’s colors and typically an image of the school’s mascot. Having great cheerleading uniforms is not only important for the team, it is important for school spirit overall.

Many cheerleading squads need to do some type of fundraising to help them perform at their best, and that sometimes includes helping pay for uniforms. Here are three fundraising ideas for cheerleading squads for paying for their uniforms:

1. Spirit Items

The best way to raise funds for your cheerleaders is to create a fundraiser that centers on the cheerleading team and what they do best: cheering for the school’s team! A great idea is to have them sell team spirit items that fans love such as tumblers, baseball caps or t-shirts with the school’s team and mascot on them to benefit the cheerleaders. They can sell spirit sticks or mascot items as well. The cheerleading team can sell these items before and/or after the game. Selling them before the school’s games is great because attendees can wear the items to show their support of the team.

Custom Tumblers Fundraiser

Custom Tumblers are a popular item these days! It’s easy to do this fundraiser with the order-taker brochure that will be custom made showing your team name, logo, and colors. Sports teams are all about team spirit and these tumblers will be perfect for a fundraising campaign. Read more…

2. Seasonal Favorites

Your cheerleading team can sell other items that may be appropriate to your state or region or even the season of the year. Why not have the cheerleading squad sell mini pumpkins during a sporting event held during the weeks near Halloween? Or pies that are delivered the week before during Thanksgiving?

Your state or region may be known for a specialty food or item, and it might be a great way to show pride to have the cheerleaders sell this item. Apples are very well-known for New York State and cheerleaders could sell apples, or even caramel apples at a booth.

Another great idea is to sell an item that is somehow related to your school mascot. If your mascot is the tiger, the cheerleaders could sell stuffed animal tigers. You can see that there are many ideas that can come to you if you just start to “brainstorm” the idea. If the booth is manned with parents while the cheerleaders are on the field performing, you are certain to make additional sales.

3. Magazine Sales

Magazine sales are a great fundraiser to run because literally everyone reads at least one, if not several magazines. You can run this fundraiser online, and the cheerleaders enter in the email addresses of family and friends, and the magazine online store sends out an invitation to your customized website. To give this a personal touch, have the cheerleaders make a personal telephone call to everyone they are sending an email to. This may help your team get even more sales, as many folks like getting a personal telephone call inviting them to participate.

It won’t be long before your team has reached its goal with these terrific ideas. Any one of these ideas will have your team spelling S-U-C-C-E-S-S for the team very quickly!


About the Author: Jennifer Lawton searches for fun and creative fundraisers for schools, sports teams, and other groups. She is a frequent writer for a site that provides a free service that matches school groups, including cheerleading squads with the best fundraisers available.


Cheerleaders Fundraising Ideas