School Club Fundraising Ideas

School Club Fundraising Ideas

Easy Ideas for High School Club Fundraising

In High School, each club will have it’s own campaign to raise funds for things they need or projects they want to accomplish. Maybe it’s to contribute to a need, buy uniforms, or raise money for a trip. In any case, with so many clubs having fundraisers in one high school, it’s sometimes hard to find a unique product that will attract attention, and that no other club is selling. Two of my favorite products for any club are Smencils and Soft Caramels. Both are unique and will be great for sales. Smencils are scented pencils and they are considered a green product, which makes them more attractive. Soft caramels are just plain yummy and not the usual candy bar.

Choosing a Fundraiser for Your High School Club

Choose a Product That Relates to Your Club

I suggest, if possible, choose a product that relates to your club. This will usually eliminate the chance that it will duplicate another club’s fundraiser. For example, cookie dough or other food related product for the FHA Club, beef Jerky, garden seeds, flower bulbs, or fresh fruit for FFA Club, bookmarks for the Library Club, custom spirit items for the Pep or Cheer Club…you get the idea.

Of course, some clubs will not have a related item. Ideas for them could be candy bars, lollipops, snacks, or scratchcards. Also, any school related or spirit item would be a good idea for all clubs. I personally love Smencils & Smens. Any club could set up a table to sell these or sell them in the school store. These are a unique item, plus every student will need and want one. Also, you could always have a free online store as an ongoing fundraiser.

FHA Club

FFA Club

  • Beef Jerky
  • Fresh Fruit (Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit)
  • Flower Bulbs
  • Garden Seed

Beta Club

Library Club

Pep Club, Varsity Club

Any High School Club

Easy Ideas for High School Club Fundraising

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