Donations Only Online Fundraiser

Online Donations Fundraiser

Donations Only Fundraiser for Your School, Team, Club, or Group

Make your fundraising easy for your school, team, club or group with a donations online store! And, easier for your supporters also! No need for them to buy something to support you, they can just make a donation instead. No need for you to take orders and make deliveries. The online store even tallies up your donations. All sellers have to do is to promote the online store to supporters. So easy!

Fundraiser Highlights:

  • Donations Only
  • Free Online Store
  • Admin & Seller Dashboards
  • Automatic emails/texts to Contacts List
  • Earn 85% Profit

Contact:, ph/txt 434-851-6297

For more information or to request this fundraiser, Contact: Faye Rutledge,, 434-851-6297

How It Works:

• CONTACT ME: Contact me ( or 434-851-6297) to request the Donations Online Fundraiser.

• RUN FUNDRAISER: Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. During this time your participants will need to share their link to the online store and PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE to get lots of sales.

• RECEIVE CHECK: At the end of the fundraiser, your donations will be tallied within the online store system. You will receive a check for the amount you’ve earned.

The Donations Online Store

Donations Fundraiser Online Store

The online store includes your logo and group name. It includes a variety of donation amounts for supporters to choose and a box to fill in a custom amount.

Administrator Dashboard

The administrator can log into their dashboard for the following:

  • View Sales
  • View Registered Students
  • Bulk upload a Seller List (optional)
  • Set up Classes or Teams
  • View Sales & Items Sold
  • Campaign Profit Goal Chart
  • Countdown Clock
  • Leaderboard
  • Daily Performance
  • Social Media Buttons

Seller Dashboard

Each participant can register as a seller and receive a direct link to their personalized store. They will have access to a dashboard where they can enter a contact list. Each contact will be sent an automated message, by text and/or email, promoting the fundraiser several times throughout the campaign. From the Seller Dashboard:

  • Add a photo
  • Set a personal sales goal
  • Add a personal message about reason for fundraiser. (This will appear on seller’s store.)
  • Enter their Contacts List with email and phone number
  • Note: Emails and/or text will automatically go out to all contacts at several intervals throughout campaign.
  • View Sales
  • View Leaderboard – See who is ahead in sales!
  • Countdown Clock
  • Social Media Buttons


How much will my group earn?

You will receive 85% profit from all donations.

No Products.

No Minimum Order.

No Tally Sheets.

No Shipping Cost.

No Deliveries.

How do I start this fundraiser?

Contact: Faye Rutledge,, 434-851-6297

Contact:, ph/txt 434-851-6297

Online Donation Fundraiser for schools, teams, clubs or groups


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