10 Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools

10 Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Need Ideas for School Fall Fundraising?

Now is the time to start thinking of your school’s Fall fundraising campaigns. We have lots of ideas and here is a list of 10 of our favorites. If you’re tired of the same old cookie dough or candles, try something different this year. Schools usually prefer order-taker type fundraisers and these days, schools love online fundraisers with ship-to-home. These are safe for students and so easy! Read on for a few new ideas, as well as the tried and true.

New Fundraising Products

It’s always hard to come up with a new product for school fundraising. And, when you do, it’s always a risk with trying a new product. Will it sell? Usually, it’s worth it, so don’t hesitate to branch out and try your luck with something new. Parents and customers get tired of seeing the same brochure from your school year after year. Give them something new this Fall!

The Tried and True Fundraising Products

Maybe you’ve decided you still want to stick with the tried and true fundraising products. There is nothing wrong with a cookie dough or candle fundraiser! In fact, Fall is the perfect time for cookie dough, with Christmas baking coming soon. And, candles make great Christmas gifts.

10 Ideas for Your School Fundraiser

1. Katydids Candy – This all time favorite candy fundraiser is available as a pre-sell brochure and you can also order cases to sell up-front.

2. Smencils – These scented pencils are perfect for a school fundraiser! A variety of choices, including holiday themed Smencils. Plus, key chains and backpack clips.

3. Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods – These yummy snacks are always a hit!

4. Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store – This ship-to-home fundraiser features hundreds of items, including candy, snacks, candles, home decor, magazines, and more.

5. Custom Tumblers – This fundraiser includes a custom order-taker brochure or ship-to-home online fundraiser. Custom tumblers are a big hit for a school fundraiser.

6. Brochure Plus Online Store – Choose from a variety of brochures, including cookie dough, candles, sweets, cheese & sausage, and more. All brochures include an online store.

7.  Single-Sheet Order-Takers – If you want to keep it simple, we have a large variety of single-sheet order-taker fundraisers. These also include an online store.

8. Cookie Dough – A favorite school fundraiser for years is cookie dough! Now our cookie dough brochures include an online store.

9. Bake Sale – Fall brings you Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both are great opportunities for a Bake Sale fundraiser.

10. Car Wash – Fall is a great time for a Car Wash fundraiser.

A Successful Fundraising Campaign

Whichever product you choose, the main thing is to get the students and parents involved and excited about having a successful fundraising campaign.

10 Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools