Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleaders – National Cheerleading Week

Fundraising Ideas for National Cheerleaders Week

Fundraising Ideas for National Cheerleading Week!

National Cheerleading Week is always the first week in March. In 2022, it falls on March 6 – 12. This is the perfect time to promote a fundraiser for your team. Push hard on this one week. You’re cheerleaders…so get excited about fundraising and cheer for more sales!

We LOVE our new Rock Your Socks fundraiser! This is unique and fun idea for cheerleaders. You can read more about this fundraiser below.

For your fundraiser, you could include some type of custom spirit product. There are many options, including tee shirts, tumblers, eye black, noisemakers, and more. Personalize your products with your team name and logo.

Another fundraising idea is to hold a raffle. Sell tickets all week and have your drawing on March 12. You could have a special event (fundraising dance?) for this, or if there is a game that day, announce the winner then. You could also notify the winner by phone or email.

You can also have a fundraising dance or supper on that Saturday. Promote it all week to get plenty of attendees. Be sure that you say that it is to celebrate Cheerleading Week and why you are raising funds. Maybe you could put on a cheer routine for your customers.

You can do one of these or combine them all together. For example, a dance fundraiser that includes spirit products for sale and a 50/50 raffle.

We Have Fundraising Ideas!

National Cheerleading Week - We Have Fundraising Ideas!

5 Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Week:

  1. Custom Tumblers (ship-to-home option)
  2. Rock Your Socks! (ship-to-home)
  3. Raffle
  4. Dance Fundraiser
  5. Supper Fundraiser

1. Custom Tumblers

Custom Tumblers are a great fundraising choice for Cheerleading Week. Personalize with your team name and logo. Sell at sports events and games. Use the custom order-taker brochure or the ship-to-home online store.

2. Rock Your Socks! Online Fundraiser

This is our favorite new fundraiser! These fun socks are a unique fundraising idea for Cheerleading Week! The ship-to-home makes it easy and safe!

Fundraiser Highlights:

  • Fusion Socks in Fun Designs
  • Free Online Store with Ship-to-Home
  • Retail: $25 each 3-pack
  • One pair of socks donated for each 3-pack purchase
  • 25 pack minimum sold to earn donation
  • Donation is retro to item one, but minimum must be met.
  • Admin & Seller Dashboards
  • Automatic emails/texts to Contacts List
  • 40% Profit
  • NO Minimum Order (only to earn donation)

3. Raffle

We recommend that you hold a raffle and sell tickets all during this week. Choose a cool prize for this raffle. One idea would be a Sports Theme Gift Basket that includes spirit items (tumbler, seat cushion, noisemakers, etc.). Try to set up a table outside of a local business to sell tickets.

If you’re also planning a supper, dance, or other event that week, you could do a 50/50 raffle at that event.

4. Dance Fundraiser

What could be a more appropriate than a dance fundraiser for a cheerleading team? This would be a fun and exciting event! You should also include a cheer routine as entertainment. Be sure and advertise this as a celebration of National Cheerleading Week and also that you will be doing a few cheers. Hold a raffle at your dance to earn even more funds. Who says fundraising has to be boring?

5. Supper Fundraiser

Another idea is to plan a Supper Fundraiser to celebrate Cheerleading Week. This a fun way to earn funds for your cheerleading team. At your supper, have your custom spirit item (or items) for sale also. And, include a raffle. And, include a cheer routine to entertain your guest. Be sure and advertise this as a National Cheerleading Week fundraiser and that you will be performing.

National Cheerleading Week

National Cheerleading Week

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National Cheerleading Week is always the first week in March. Read this article about National Cheerleading Week, by, to find out more about the history of this national week and how you can celebrate it.

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National Cheerleading Week Fundraising Ideas