Hamburger Supper Fundraiser Idea

Plan a Hamburger Supper for National Hamburger Day, May 28

Plan a Hamburger Supper for National Hamburger Day, May 28

Take advantage of National Hamburger Day (May 28) to have a Hamburger Supper fundraiser! Promote your supper as a celebration of the day, and you will get lots of people wanting to have their hamburger in honor of the day. This is a unique fundraising idea for a church or any club or group. If the day of isn’t a good day for a supper, plan it any day within a week of the day. Serve hamburgers cooked over a grill, preferably, and all of the fixings. Have members bring a dessert.

Hamburger Cookbooks:

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National Hamburger Day, May 28

National Hamburger Day, May 28

Find Out More About National Hamburger Day on May 28

Read the article about National Hamburger Day, by, to find out more about the history of this national day and how you can celebrate it.

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