January National Days Fundraising Ideas

How to Use January National Days as a Unique Fundraising Opportunity

How to Use January National Day Celebrations as a Unique Fundraising Opportunity

There is at least one National Day every day in January, and usually several celebrations per day. The idea is to use the day’s theme as your fundraising product. For example, National Popcorn Day is on January 19th. On this day, you could have a popcorn sale. Since it will be National Popcorn Day, everyone will want to buy popcorn to celebrate the day!

Many of these days can be used as a unique fundraising opportunity. You can develop ideas that no one else may have thought about. For example, National Cream Puff Day. Have you ever heard of a cream puff fundraiser? Or, National Milk Day …have you ever heard of a Milk Stand to sell milk (instead of lemonade)? January is a great month to try out something different.

Some days may not be doable as a fundraiser, but National Days can give you quick, easy, and fun ideas for fundraising in January.

My list of January National Days comes from the National Day Calendar website. To make things even better, they also have a National Day Calendar Fundraiser! You could use this as an additional fundraiser during the month of January.

January National Day Fundraising Ideas

Below are a few of the ideas you can use for a fundraiser. This does not include, by any means, all of the National days in January, but only the ones that might be good choices for a fundraiser. Use the links below to find out more about fundraising ideas for that day.

National Day Fundraising Idea Articles:

Cream Puff Day - Jan 2 Spaghetti Day - Jan 4 Bean Day - Jan 6 Save the Eagles Day - Jan 10 Milk Day - Jan 11 Rubber Ducky Day - Jan 13 Bagel Day - Jan 15 Popcorn Day - Jan 19 Pie Day - Jan 23 Peanut Butter Day - Jan 24 Chocolate Cake Day - Jan 27 Blueberry Pancake Day - Jan 28 Croissant Day - Jan 30 Hot Chocolate Day - Jan 31

January National Days

A few of the National Days in January include: New Year’s Day, Cream Puff Day, Spaghetti Day, Save the Eagles Day, Rubber Ducky Day, Chocolate Cake Day, and Hot Chocolate Day. These will make unique fundraising ideas for January. See the chart below for more National Day ideas. Get started now. 🙂

January National Days

National Days are a Unique Opportunity for a Fundraising Sale in January

National Days are a Unique Opportunity for a Fundraising Sale in January

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