Turtles Candy (Katydids Candy) Boxes

Turtles Candy Boxes

Turtles Are Made of Caramel, Pecan Clusters, Milk Chocolate

Buttery Caramel, Fancy Pecans, and Pure Milk Chocolate! Turtles are also known as Katydids candy. It’s the same candy, just a different name. Turtles and Katydids are made the same way. Some may be of a better quality, but both consist of caramel and pecans covered in milk chocolate. Eating this candy is a wonderful way to make you feel better about life!

Demet’s Turtles Candy

One of the most popular brands of Turtles Candy is Demet’s. This well known brand is what started it all! It is a time-tested, Made in USA recipe…so you can’t go wrong. Order a box for yourself, and a box for someone you love.

More Demet’s Turtle Candy Choices:

Dark Chocolate Turtles Candy

I love dark chocolate and what could be better than Dark Chocolate Turtles Candy? If you agree, I’d like to recommend this product. Mantorville Farms makes this great candy…a dark chocolate lovers dream!

Mantorville Farms uses only the finest ingredients and the candy is hand made. Read more about how they make this candy. It is available on Amazon in 1, 2, or 4 pound boxes. And, they have a no-melt guarantee, by shipping in an insulated box with a reusable ice gel-pack when temperatures are warm. (Shipping is free, by the way.) It is also available in boxes of mixed dark and milk chocolate or all milk chocolate.

Go ahead…treat yourself! You’re worth it!