National Chocolate Cake Day, January 27, Perfect Time for a Bake Sale

National Chocolate Cake Day, January 27

National Chocolate Cake Day Is the Perfect Time for an ALL Chocolate Cake Bake Sale

National Chocolate Cake Day, on January 27, is the perfect time to have an “ALL Chocolate Cake” Bake Sale! You might think, only one flavor of cake would be a boring bake sale, but there are many different ways you can make chocolate cake. Don’t forget the different flavors of chocolate (milk, dark, devil’s food, mocha), the different types of icing (or no icing), the different fillings, and the different types of cake (sheet, layer, Bundt, bar, and even cupcakes). Encourage everyone in your club or group to bake a different kind of chocolate cake for your bake sale.

ALL of your cakes should have chocolate inside, but the shape, size, and toppings can be different.

Your Chocolate Cake Bake Sale is sure to be a success…who can resist chocolate?

Ideas for an ALL Chocolate Cake Bake Sale

Ideas for an ALL Chocolate Cake Bake Sale

How to Have an ALL Chocolate Cake Bake Sale

If you’re wondering about how to have an ALL Chocolate Cake Bake Sale, we have a few ideas for you. You could have your group or club members bake their favorite type of chocolate cake. If you think about it, this would probably include a LOT of variety. But, to be sure you do have variety, we recommend that you have a meeting to decide what each person will bring. Be sure to have a chocolate cake cookbook at your meeting, or have members bring their favorite cookbook. (Also, it’s OK for beginners to use a mix!) First, make a list of the kinds of cakes you want to include in your sale. Next, have each person sign up for what they will donate.

  1. Decide on chocolate cake recipes
  2. Members sign up for specific cake (or cakes)

Chocolate Cake Bake Sale Ideas can include all types of chocolate cake, including cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, and even cake donuts! In fact, cake pops or cake donuts would be an easy idea for a sale at school during lunch!

Types of Chocolate Cake:

  • Layer cakes (single or double)
  • Sheet cakes
  • Bundt cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Cake Pops
  • Brownies
  • Cake Donuts
  • Iced
  • Plain
  • Glazed

Flavors of Chocolate Cake:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Devil’s Food
  • Chocolate Mocha
  • German Chocolate
  • Black Forest



Cake Pops Sale, Fun Idea for school club!

Find Out More About National Chocolate Cake Day

Read the article, National Chocolate Cake Day by, to find out more about the history of this National Day and how you can celebrate it.

Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day with an ALL Chocolate Cake Bake Sale! The ideas are limitless...

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