National Chocolate Mousse Day – Unique Fundraiser Opportunity

Chocolate Mousse Sale - Unique fundraising idea for National Chocolate Mousse Day, April 3

A Chocolate Mousse Sale Is a Unique Fundraising Idea!

Take advantage of National Chocolate Mousse Day on April 4, for a fundraiser sale featuring only chocolate mousse. Everyone will want to celebrate the day, so this is the perfect opportunity for a unique fundraiser.

Plan your sale for the day of April 3rd or as close to before the day as possible. Set up a table at school, sports event, church, or at a local merchant (with permission). Be sure to explain why you’re having your sale – to celebrate the national day – and also what your goal is for the fundraiser.

Members of your club or group can make the mousse, either at home or at a gathering for this purpose. Chocolate mousse if fairly easy to make. You’ll need somewhere to keep it refrigerated though, at least until shortly before the sale. Mix it up a little by providing different toppings and, of course, whipped topping.

Chocolate Mousse is a yummy fundraising idea! Start planning now.

Yummy Fundraising Idea!

Chocolate Mousse Sale - Yummy Fundraising Idea!

National Chocolate Mousse Day, April 3

National Chocolate Mousse Day, April 3

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