New Products for 2018 School Fall Fundraising

New Fundraising Products for Fall 2018

Exciting New Products for the 2018 Fall Fundraising Season!

I’m happy to announce several new products for the Fall school fundraising season! Plus, many new order-taker brochures. You’re sure to find a great idea for your school, team, or club!

New Products for Fall 2018:

  1. Soft Caramels (by the bag)
  2. Soft Caramels Order-Taker Brochures
  3. Restaurant Cards ($25, $50, $100)
  4. Restaurant Cards Order-Taker Brochures
  5. Fund Pass App
  6. 20oz Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Tumblers
  7. 30oz Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Tumblers
  8. 30oz Stainless Steel Tumblers Order-Taker
  9. 24oz Sportz Tumblers
  10. 24oz Tervis Tumblers Order-Taker

Soft Caramels – This yummy candy is available to purchase by the bag or as order-taker brochures. You can pick which ever suits your needs best. These buttery, soft caramels will be a product you’ll be proud to offer your customers.

The Fund Pass App – A new concept in fundraising! Customers purchase the app to be able to download national discount coupons.

Restaurant Cards – This handy discount card, already available in the $100 card, is now available in $25 and $50 denominations. And, the exciting part is that restaurant cards are now also available in the Order-Taker version! The order-taker brochure offers the 3 denominations of cards: $25, $50, and $100.

I love that we can offer great products in both the direct sale and order-taker versions.

New Tumblers!

Tumbler Fundraisers

Tumbler Fundraisers – I love all of our new tumbler options! Tumblers are available in several sizes and types, and have order-taker or purchase up-front options. Stainless steel tumblers can be engraved with your school/team name and logo.

New Cookie Dough Brochures:

New Cookie Dough Brochures

Cookie Dough Brochures – We have 4 new cookie dough brochures for Fall! Fresh From the Oven 3lb Tubs, $10 Doughs, Pre-Portioned Boxes and Cookie Dough Tubs.

New Order-Taker Brochures:

Order-Taker Fundraisers

Order-Taker Brochures – We have several new order-taker brochures for current products, including: Nuts About Snacks, Golden Treasures, Kathryn Beich Classic Collection, Jewelry Designs, Virginia Diner Peanuts, Soft Caramels, Restaurant Cards, Tumblers, and more.

Need More Info?

Request Free Fundraising Info Guide

If you are interested in finding out more information about our new fall products, be sure to order a Free Fundraising Info Guide. It includes all of our products, descriptions, profit charts, and fundraising tips. You can share this with your fellow parents or committee members. It is available in both print and .PDF forms.

Request a Free Fundraising Info Guide

Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and school/group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!

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