Pound Cake Bake Sale

Pound Cake Bake Sale

Plan a Pound Cake Bake Sale for National Pound Cake Day, March 4

National Pound Cake Day is March 4! This makes a great day to plan a bake sale featuring all types of pound cake. Everyone will want to eat pound cake to celebrate the day. Be sure to promote your bake sale as a celebration of the day.

Offer a Variety of Pound Cakes at Your Bake Sale

Offer a Variety at your Pound Cake Bake Sale

This Is a Unique Fundraising Idea!

Offer a wide variety of pound cake recipes at your bake sale. Offer loaf cakes and Bundt cakes in different sizes. Offer a variety of flavors of pound cakes (plain, sour cream, lemon, chocolate). Also, offer different flavors of icing (including chocolate iced!), as well as plain pound cakes.

The key is to offer ONLY pound cakes at this bake sale. This makes it a very unique fundraising idea. There are so many different varieties for this one cake, you will have plenty of choices for your sale.

Offer ONLY Pound Cakes for a UNIQUE Bake Sale fundraiser.

Need Recipes for Pound Cake?

If you’re looking for new recipes for pound cake to bake for your fundraiser, we recommend the cookbook, Ultimate Pound Cakes: Classic Recipe Collection. It has lots of yummy recipes! It’s sure to give you ideas for cakes that sell!



National Pound Cake Day

National Pound Cake Day, March 4

Find Out More About National Pound Cake Day, March 4

Read the article about Pound Cake Day, by NationalDayCalendar.com, to find out more about the history of this national day and how you can celebrate it.

National Day Calendar Fundraiser

There is also a National Day Calendar Fundraiser! You could use this as an additional fundraiser during the month of March and offer it during your other fundraising campaigns.

Unique Opportunity for Fundraising

There are many unique opportunities for fundraising in March using National Days as a guide. See more ideas here: March National Days Fundraising Ideas

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