Raffle Prizes Everyone Will Want

The Perfect Raffle Prize That Everyone Will Want

Looking for the Perfect Raffle Prize That Everyone Will Want?

If you’re looking for the perfect raffle prize…one that everyone will buy a ticket for a chance to win…this article will give you great ideas! You can’t sell tickets if no one wants the prize, right? That means, you need a prize that everyone will want!

In my experience in what people purchase for raffle prizes, electronic items are the most popular choice. More specifically, the ever popular Amazon devices, including the Echo, Fire Tablets, and Kindle E-Readers. I suggest choosing the most recent model, with the most features. Many people already have these devices, but may have bought themselves the cheaper version or have an older model. They would love to have the newest release! Or, more than one. You can choose one device or several for more than one prize.

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How would YOU like to know how to pick the perfect raffle prize that everyone will want?

Amazon Electronic Devices are Popular Raffle Prizes

Here’s a secret…you can’t go wrong with any of the new Amazon devices. People are crazy for them and will gladly buy a raffle ticket to win one. Each device type has several types and editions, so there are lots of choices. I’ll tell you about some of them below.

3 Popular Amazon Devices:

  1. Echo & Alexa Devices
  2. Fire Tablets
  3. Kindle E-Readers

1. The Echo

The Echo is one of Amazon’s most popular products and includes many choices in itself. There’s the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show. There is even an Echo Dot Kids Edition.  All of these are intriguing little devices that make people want them! And, great ideas for a raffle prize.

When holding your raffle, you could display the Echo at another of your fundraising events and sell tickets, or at a local business. You could include more than one device for second and third prizes to encourage more ticket sales.

All New echo dot - Amazon.com
All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Smart speaker with Alexa – Amazon.com


2. Fire Tablets

There are also many editions and styles of Amazon Fire Tablets. I recommend choosing the most current version of any of these for your raffle prize. Fire Tablets include the Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire HD 10, plus the Fire 7 and 8 for Kids. You could also include a case and accessories.

Tablets are taking the place of laptops these days and are easier to use online than a phone, with larger screens. Anyone would be glad to take a chance on winning a Fire Tablet! The Fire HD 10 has all the bells and whistles, featuring Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1″ 1080 pixel Full HD display, and 32 GB of storage! This would make the ultimate raffle prize!

Kindle fire HD8 - Amazon.com
Kindle Fire HD8 – Amazon.com


3. Kindle E-Readers

Kindle E-Readers are very popular also and even people who already have one, would love to have another one. There are several versions, including the newest Kindle with a front light! The new Kindle Paperwhite is now waterproof!

The 7 inch Oasis is the ultimate Kindle, featuring high resolution, waterproof, built-in audible, and WI-FI. It even comes in two classy colors: graphite or champagne.

Any of these would be a fantastic raffle prize! Or, offer all three as first, second, and third prizes.

Kindle Paperwhite - Amazon.com
Kindle Paperwhite – Amazon.com



Raffles Are a Fun and Easy Fundraising Idea

One of the easiest fundraising ideas is the raffle! If you’re looking for something quick and easy to earn cash fast for your team, group, club, or church…turn to the raffle. You can just simply sell tickets to friends and family or you could include it with another event and sell tickets to the event goers. For example, a carnival or spaghetti supper. You could also include it with another fundraising product that you’re selling.

Remember to ask yourself, “What is a raffle prize that everyone will want?”, and you’ll have a winning prize.

Get Ideas From the Most Wished For Items!

Get ideas for a raffle prize from the Most Wished For Items on Amazon. This is a great resource for deciding your raffle prize.

Don’t Forget the Raffle Tickets!

Be sure and keep plenty of raffle tickets on hand. And, you’ll need raffle ticket boxes also.

The Perfect Raffle Prize That Everyone Will Want


Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. (This does not change the price you pay.)