How to Register Your School or Group for a Ship-to-Home Online Fundraising Store

How to Register Your School or Group for a Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

How to Register Your School or Group for a Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

The Ship-to-Home Online Fundraising Store is one of our most popular fundraisers. It’s so easy! And, if offers lots of cool products that your supporters will love to purchase. Fortunately, since we have text, email, and social media it’s easy to promote your fundraiser. Your supporters can visit your online store, make their purchase, and have it shipped directly to their home. Easy for your customers and easy for your school or group.

This article shows how to set up your own online store – OR – you can contact me and I’ll set up the store for you. (

Online Fundraising Store Highlights:

  • FREE to Start
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Promote with text, email, social media
  • Supporters Make Purchase Online
  • Purchase is Shipped to their Home
  • Your Group Earns 40% Profit
  • Coordinator Dashboard Tracks Sales
  • Register Now
  • To have store setup for you:

REGISTER - Online Fundraising Store


START HERE > Use any of the REGISTER links to be taken to the Set Up Page. This is where you will fill out the form on that page to register your online fundraising store.

This is a screenshot of what the page will look like: Online Store Registration Page

The Set Up Form:


Set Up Form screenshot

Set Up Your Fundraiser!

The form will require the following info:

Group Information:

  • Group name
  • Address
  • Website link (optional)
  • Group size (optional)

Contact Information:

  • Contact name
  • Phone number

Fundraiser Information (Optional):

You can also fill this in later in you coordinator dashboard.

  • Allow donations (yes/no)
  • Goal amount
  • Reason for your fundraiser

Coordinator Log In Information:

This is information you’ll need to access the details of your fundraiser. A link for the coordinator login is located on the home page of

  • Email
  • Password

Seller Accounts (Enable/Disable):

If you enable seller accounts, each seller will be required to register. Each seller will have a unique store link and a dashboard that will show their sales.

If you disable seller accounts your sales will only show a total for the entire group. You will have a group link that all members will use.


Click on the “SUBMIT” button …and you’re done! You will be taken to the Coordinator Dashboard. Read on for more info…


Your online store is now live, but no one will see it until you start promoting. It will stay live until you want to end it.

How to END Your Fundraiser:

To END your fundraiser, login to your Coordinator Dashboard and click the red END button at the top of the page. Or, you can contact me ( and I will end it for you.

View an Example Store

You can View a Live Demo Store and see what it looks like! This store is for demonstration purposes only.

View a Live DEMO STORE



Coordinator Dashboard

Coordinator Dashboard

What’s on the Dashboard:

The dashboard above is setup for when sellers are registered. If you are selling as a group, it will not include “Invite Your Sales Force” or “Be Part of the Team”.

1. Fundraiser Information

Be sure to make a copy of all of your fundraiser information, including your unique website link and coordinator login information.

2. Contact Group Members

Send an email to each group member to tell them about the fundraiser and send them the link to register as a seller. Group members need to register to receive a special link to share in order to get credit for their personal sales.

A sample email is available. First, add your unique group information to applicable places, and then just copy and paste into an email. Or, you can write your own email text.

Each member can then sign-up from the link included in the email. They will then be listed as a member of your group and show up in your campaign manager. They will have a unique link to send to their friends and family about the fundraiser. They can also text the link and share on Facebook and other social media.

3. Be Part of the Team!

Don’t forget to register yourself!

4. Manage and Keep Track

Use the “During the Fundraiser” link on the left sidebar to see how many team members have registered and monitor their sales. You may need to encourage members that are lagging behind.

Coordinator Sidebar Menu


Coordinator Dashboard Sidebar Menu

The Coordinator Dashboard has a sidebar menu that includes links to settings and information.

Fundraiser Settings – Set or adjust donations, fundraising reason, and more.

During the Fundraiser – Track total online sales, registered sellers, seller photos, total sharing, cart items sold (total and by seller), and in-person credit payments.

After the Fundraiser – Sales Reports


Each seller should register by using the link and information provided by the coordinator. After the seller has registered, they can login to their Seller Dashboard by going to

(screenshot – This is portal for Seller and Coordinator Login)

Sellers Portal

Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard

What’s Next for the Seller?


The most important job for the seller is to share the group’s unique store link to all of your family and friends. You can share by text, email, and social media. Always mention what you are selling, your goal, and your reason for fundraising.

Text – We’ve found that sending a text with the link to your store is one of the best ways to contact family and friends about your fundraiser. However, you need to follow-up with a reminder text to anyone that hasn’t shopped.

Email and Social Media – The Seller Dashboard includes social media and email share buttons.

Share on Instagram!

Print and Hang Up Support Flyers – You can also download a Support Flyer to distribute around town.

Reason for Fundraising – Always include your reason for fundraising.

Seller Dashboard Menu:

Seller Menu

The Seller Menu on the sidebar includes links to:


E-Mail Supporters – to import your contact list for email

Online Sales – Shows items you’ve sold and how much you’ve made.

Settings – You can edit your name, email, password, address, and phone number. You can also upload your photo.


A Successful Fundraiser Depends on How Well You Get the Word Out!

How to PROMOTE Your Store!

• Each member can use their dashboard to invite friends and family by email to shop on their store.

• Members can text the store link to friends and family. (This is our favorite way to share!)

• Each store also has share buttons on the bottom of the page to make it easy to share your store on social media.

Remember…a successful fundraiser depends on how well you get the word out.

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