5 Ideas for Summer Fund Raising

5 Summer Fund Raising Ideas

Fun & Unique Ideas for Summer Fundraising Campaigns

Are you looking for ideas for a Summer fundraising campaign? This post includes unique ideas that will make fundraising in the summer a little more fun.

Summer fundraisers are usually held by baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, or other sports teams. A Sunday School class, clubs, and camps might also be doing a little fundraising. For this reason, order-taker type fundraisers are not usually chosen, although there may be some you might want to consider. Usually, summer fundraisers tend to be quick and (hopefully) easy. Choose an item that can be sold at games or that each member can sell immediately to friends and family.

5 Ideas for a Summer Fundraiser:

  1. Custom Tumblers
  2. Albanese Gummi Bears
  3. Lollipops
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Smencils

1. Custom Tumblers

Custom Tumblers Fundraiser

Custom tumblers are a great fundraising idea for sports teams, cheerleaders, band and music boosters! Everyone will want one to show their team spirit. These stainless steel tumblers include your custom logo and text and a custom brochure.

Custom Tumblers

2. Albanese Gummi Bears

Albanese Gummi Bears Fundraiser
Albanese Gummi Bears will make a fun fundraising idea for June. These little gummi bears will make a healthy summer treat. They are gluten free, fat free, and low sodium. Everyone loves gummi bears! Free shipping!

Albanese Gummi Bears for Fundraising

3. Lollipops

Tessas Kitchen Lollipops Fundraiser

Lollipops are a great candy fundraiser for Summer…no worries about melting! Everyone will love buying a lollipop and we have lots of choices! Order online and sell at concession stand at sports games.

Lollipops for fundraising

4. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Tubs for Fundraising

Nothing says summer better than cotton candy! And, this is a high profit fundraiser, earning 50% profit for your school or group. If you’re able to have outside events and carnivals this summer, with public attending…now would be a great time to sell cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Fundraiser

5. Scented Pencils

Smencils Scented Pencils for Fundraising

Smencils are scented pencils made from recycled newspapers. Good for the environment, good for fundraising! Smencils are a fun fundraising idea for Summer!

Smencils Fundraiser

Happy Summer Fundraising!

I hope these ideas will help you have a happy Summer fundraising event.