5 Ideas for Summer Fund Raising

5 Summer Fund Raising Ideas

Fun & Unique Ideas for Summer Fundraising Campaigns

Are you looking for ideas for a Summer fundraising campaign? This post includes unique ideas that will make fundraising in the summer a little more fun.

Summer fundraisers are usually held by baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, or other sports teams. A Sunday School class, clubs, and camps might also be doing a little fundraising. For this reason, order-taker type fundraisers are not usually chosen, although there may be some you might want to consider. Usually, summer fundraisers tend to be quick and (hopefully) easy. Choose an item that can be sold at games or that each member can sell immediately to friends and family.

1. Tumblers – Favorite Summer Fundraiser

My favorite idea for summer, is the tumbler! People love tumblers and will love having a new one. You can order custom tumblers with your team name and logo. You know these will sell like hotcakes! You could also offer these at your concession stand. Maybe you could offer the tumbler with drink included.

There are many types of tumbler choices. My suggestion would be to order custom engraved stainless steel tumblers, especially if you are fundraising for a sports team.

If the tumblers are for a club, camp or group, these would also be a great choice. Our stainless steel tumblers are also available as an order-taker.

2. Concession Stand Food

To the usual concession stand foods such as hot dogs and chips, you could add beef jerky, turkey sticks, fruit snacks, and popcorn to make it more interesting. Everyone will appreciate the new choices. During the summer, it’s probably best to stay away from chocolate bars, as they will melt! You could add lollipops and cotton candy.

3. Scratchcards – Quick & Easy, High Profit

Scratchcards are an old standby for earning funds quick & easy. These cards earn up to 90% profit! Each team or group member should be given one card that will raise $100 if all dots are scratched. You can also order custom scratchcards with your team or group photo on the front cover.

4. Show Team Spirit!

Whether the fundraiser is for a sports team or church organized softball game, you can earn extra funds by offering spirit products with your custom logo. Anything from tee shirts to noisemakers would work. Sell at baseball games, swim meets, and tennis matches.

5. Fund-Pass App – Unique Fundraising Idea

The Fund-Pass app is the newest thing in fundraising! What makes it even better is there is no up-front cost, no minimum purchase, and no physical product. The app offers customers nationwide discount coupons and earns your group 50% profit. It’s easy to sell online by using social media. This is an easy fundraiser for Summer. Use alone or add to other fundraising campaigns.

Note: Many of the items mentioned in this article are sold right here on Fundraiser Alley. You can usually purchase products for fundraising cheaper through a company that specialized in this type of product. You can use a credit card, which will give you 30 days to have your fundraiser and collect payments.

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