Scented Gel Crayons for Fun Artwork, Crafts, Coloring

Sketch and Sniff Gel Crayons

Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons Are a Fun Fundraising Idea for the School Store

These Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons are a fun idea for a school store or fundraiser for a school club. Students love them! Everyone will want to buy all 5 scents.

The super smooth writing gel crayons have a yummy scent that is emitted from the crayon core. The twistable end keeps the gel fresh and extends the life of the crayon. Scent will last 2 years!

5 Yummy Scents:

There are 5 scents in each pack:

  1. Bubble Gum
  2. Sour Apple
  3. Jelly Bean
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Tutti Frutti


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