Easy Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Sports Teams, Clubs

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Alley offers easy fundraising ideas for schools, sports teams, clubs and more. We now have a ship-to-home fundraising store and the option to add an online store to your brochure fundraiser! Our mission is to help you find the perfect product for a successful fundraising event.

Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

You Asked For It…We’ve Got It! We now offer an online, ship-to-home fundraiser featuring all of your favorite products. An online store makes fundraising easy and safe for your school or group.

Online Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

Summer Fundraising Ideas!

Summer is a great time to fund raise with tumblers, gummi bears, cotton candy or scented pencils. You’ll love these fun ideas.

  • Tumbler Fundraisers

Tumblers | Albanese Gummi Bears | Cotton Candy | Smencils

Order Fundraising Products Online!

We have many fundraising products that you can order online, making your life easier! Includes Katydids, Pretzel Rods, Albanese Gummi Bears, Fortune Cookies, Lollipops, Smencils, Restaurant Cards, and more. Shipping is free for most products.

  • Katydids Candy - Sold by the Case

Order the Following Fundraising Products Online:

Katydids Candy | Restaurant Cards | Smencils & SmensTessa’s Kitchen Lollipops  | Albanese Gummi Bears | Cotton Candy | Pretzel Rods | Caramel Pretzel Rods | Fortune Cookies | Fruit Snacks | Main St Gummies | Candy Bar Kits

Top 5 Most Popular Fundraisers

1. Katydids CandyEveryone loves this yummy candy! Order by the case or choose the pre-sell brochure. It is our most popular fundraiser.

2. Pretzel Rods – This sweet & salty snack is a yummy treat that everyone will love to buy! Choose from Sweet & Salty or Caramel Coated Pretzel Rods.

3. Custom Tumblers – These stainless steel tumblers feature your custom logo. This fundraiser is available with a custom order-taker brochure. Tumblers are a favorite for middle or high schools and sports teams. Perfect idea for Spring and Summer Fundraisers!

4. Lollipops – This sweet fundraiser is a favorite for school clubs and any fundraising group. If offers free shipping and 50% profit.

5. Online Fundraising Store – This online, ship-to-home fundraising store features a variety of favorite candy, snacks, cookies, candles, kitchen gadgets, home decor, and more.

Raffle Fundraising Ideas

Raffles are an often overlooked fundraising alternative. Schools, sports teams, and clubs can take advantage of this easy fundraising idea.
View ALL Raffle Fundraising Ideas

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Our mission is to help you find the perfect product for a successful fundraising event.

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