Stress-Less Fundraiser Tips for School Fundraising

Stress-Less Fundraiser Tips

Does Your School Fundraiser Stress You Out?

These STRESS-LESS Fundraiser Tips are for all parents who get involved in fundraisers …isn’t that ALL of us?
Are you burnt out with the same fundraiser each year? Do you frequently have several fundraisers going at one time? Do you have nightmares about distributing fundraiser products? Would you like to have LESS FUNDRAISER STRESS? Read the tips below, and STAY CALM.

Fundraising Tips

The first order of business should always be to SET A GOAL. What are you having the fundraiser for? Get specific. How much money do you need to raise and how much will each child need to sell?

Short term fundraisers are easier on the stress level. ALWAYS SET A DEADLINE as to when the fundraiser will end.

Communicate the FUNDRAISER GOAL. Have a kick off rally. Get the children excited. Let them know what the GOAL of the fundraiser is and what they need to do to help reach it. Have them ALWAYS MENTION THE GOAL when they ask for a sale. Don’t just say, “PTO fundraiser”…say “This is for new sports equipment” or whatever your GOAL is. People are more willing to contribute when they know what it is they are contributing towards. Have a prize for the child that sells the most. This always brings out the competitive spirit!

Coordinate your fundraiser with other clubs and groups in the school that are also having fundraisers. This will avoid fundraiser overload on parents. It will help sales as well. If possible coordinate with other schools, church groups, sports teams, etc. Some parents get hit with several fundraisers at once. For example: PTO, Scouts and Church group.

Limit the number of fundraisers to two a year.

Are you burnt out with the same fundraiser each year? DON’T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE! People also get tired of BUYING the same thing every year! You will actually increase sales if you offer variety. Try to choose something useful. Put one person in charge of finding new fundraiser and presenting new ideas to vote on. If you are not the one to decide this …VOICE YOUR OPINION.

Look for fundraisers that are easy to distribute.
A few companies offer POINT OF SALE fundraisers. This means the fundraiser offer is for a product that is sold and money collected with only one contact. And, these days, Online fundraisers are the way to go. The online store keeps track of all sales per participant. And, many online stores also feature ship-to-home. These are by far the least stressful fundraisers…for you as well as everyone involved.


Risk Free and Labor Friendly are not usually connected! Risk free fundraisers are usually order-taker type, meaning you take orders and collect money before placing your order for products. And, you will have to deliver the orders later. So…not labor friendly. But, if you don’t want to spend money up front, this can be your best choice. Also, the new online fundraisers are free to start and are no-risk.

40% PROFIT Or More
Choose a company that will be involved and answer questions when needed. Always aim for at least a 40% PROFIT or more.

Recruit all of the parents you can! The more hands, the less work for everyone. Send out letters or make phone calls to recruit help.

Fundraisers always involve stress. Follow the above hints it will help you to STRESS-LESS. Remember that after the fundraiser is all over, you can look at the new sports equipment, computers…or whatever YOUR GOAL was, and know that it was well worth the stress.


Written by: Faye Rutledge


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Stress-Less Fundraiser Tips for Schools

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