Fundraising Products for Canada

Fundraising Products for Canada

We Offer Fundraising Products for Canada

Yes, we have fundraising products for Canada, too. We are excited to offer the following products to use especially for Canadian schools, sports teams, clubs and groups.

These popular fundraising products include: lollipops, scratchcards, cookie dough, beef jerky, Smencils™, t-shirts, custom eye black, popcorn, and pretzel rods. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Face Masks Fundraiser for Canada Lollipops for Canada Fundraiser Scratchcards for Canada Fundraiser Cookie Dough for Canada Fundraiser Beef Jerky for Canada Fundraiser Smencils for Canada Fundraising Custom T-Shirts for Canada Fundraiser Custom Eye Black Fundraiser for Canada Popcorn Fundraiser for Canada Pretzel Rods Fundraiser for Canada

Face Masks
Cookie Dough
Beef Jerky
Custom Eye Black
Pretzel Rods

For more information about Canadian fundraising products, request our electronic info guide. It includes all of the products for Canada with descriptions, profit charts, and more. Plus, fundraising tips.

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Fundraising Products for Canada