Katydids Candy – Chocolate Covered Caramel and Pecans

Katydids Candy - by the tin or case

You Can Now Buy Kathryn Beich Katydids Candy by the Case or by the Tin!

Katydids Candy – Buttery Caramel, Fancy Pecans, and Pure Milk Chocolate! Who could ask for more? Now available by the tin or case. If you’ve been looking at where to buy Katydids Candy for yourself or a fundraiser…THIS is the place!

This amazing candy is a popular fundraising product. But, why wait for a fundraiser? Now you can buy a tin for yourself anytime you get a craving! We offer you Kathryn Beich Katydids Candy for sale by the tin or by the case!

Katydids Candy is a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays!

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Katydids Candy - Sold by the Case

Katydids by the Case for Fundraising Campaigns

This yummy candy is a favorite fundraising candy for churches, schools, clubs, and groups. Why is that? Because it’s so good to eat, it sells itself! Katydids make a great gift idea for the holidays or a birthday.

You can purchase Katydids by the case to use as a “hands-on” fundraiser, or use the  order-taker brochure. There are 12 tins per case and there is only a one case minimum order. Delivery takes only about seven business days. You can easily order Katydids candy online.

By the Case Highlights:

  • Minimum Order: 1 case
  • 12 tins per case
  • Delivery: 7 days
  • Retail Price: $15 per 8oz Tin
  • 40% Profit
  • Shipping: $25
  • Additional shipping charges may apply for warm weather.
  • Order Online

Order Online

How Much Will You Earn?

This fundraiser will earn 40% profit with a minimum order of 1 case.

Profit Chart:

Cases Ordered Cost Per Case You Collect Total Profit
1+ $108.00 $180.00 40%

How to Pay:

You have several options of payment. If you are ordering online, you can pay by major credit card, Pay Pal, or School Purchase Order. If paying by mail, you can also use a check, money order, or certified check.

Methods of Payment:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • School Purchase Orders
  • Checks, money orders, and certified checks

Shipping & Delivery:

There is a $25 Shipping Fee. Additional shipping charges will apply for warm weather. Your delivery should arrive in about one week.


Katydids Candy - Individual Tins For Sale

You Can NOW Purchase Katydids by the Tin!

Have you been  looking for where to buy a tin of Katydids for yourself? For the first time, you can now purchase Katydids by the single tin! Maybe you just want some for yourself or to give as a gift to friends and family. Maybe you want to try it before using it for a fundraiser. We are now able to offer Kaydids by the tin to individuals…to just eat and enjoy, without having to find someone selling it as a fundraiser! This yummy candy you’ve been yearning for is only a click away! Buy one for yourself and one for a gift! You get FREE Shipping with 3 or more tins…so go ahead.

By the Tin Highlights:

  • Kathryn Beich Katydids Candy – 8 ounce Tins
  • Price: $20.00 each Tin
  • Minimum Order: 2 Tins
  • Free Shipping: 3 or more tins
  • $5.00 Shipping for 2 tins
  • Order Online

Order Online


Katydids Candy for Fundraising

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