Bake Sale Fundraiser Ideas

Bake Sale Fundraiser Ideas

Ideas for a Successful Bake Sale Fundraiser

The Bake Sale is a long time fundraiser stand-by. Usually held by clubs or church groups, a bake sale is a relatively easy fundraiser. You can make an ordinary bake sale more successful by offering UNIQUE products. Think outside of the box and offer your customers a product they don’t ordinarily see at a bake sale.

What Makes a Successful Bake Sale?

The PRODUCTS offered are always what makes for a successful bake sale. Your products need to be home baked by members of your group. Your products need to be appealing to the eye. Your products need to be yummy! You can feature any type any of baked goods, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, pies, bread, and more.

We like to use National Food Days as ideas for unique bake sale products. You have a great promotional tool already in place. For example, for Chocolate Cake Day, have a bake sale featuring different kinds of chocolate cake and cupcakes. Promote it as a National Chocolate Cake Day Bake Sale. Everyone will want to buy something to celebrate the day.

We suggest that you not only choose popular times (like Christmas) to have your bake sale, but unique times (like National Food Days). People might expect a bake sale on a holiday, but choose a different time with unique products and you will get more attention.

Generally, a bake sale is held on a week-end, but if a National day falls during the week, it would be wonderful if you could have it on the day of (or a week-end day nearest).

The products are what make your bake sale successful.

Bake Sale Product Ideas

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Bake Sale Ideas List:

Need Recipe Ideas?

If you need recipe ideas for your bake sale, Amazon has lots of Bake Sale Cookbooks.

Bake Sale Cookbook

One of our favorites is the The Bake Sale Cookbook by Sally Sampson.

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