Cherry Pie Sale Fundraiser Ideas – National Cherry Pie Day, February 20

February Cherry Pie Bake Sale Fundraiser Ideas

Plan a Cherry Pie Bake Sale for National Cherry Pie Day on February 20!

National Cherry Pie Day is February 20th! Since it’s also two days before George Washington’s Birthday, this makes the perfect time for a Cherry Pie Bake Sale. Everyone will want to eat cherry pie! A great idea for a school club or church group.

Plan your sale at any time the week of February 20th and be sure to promote it as a celebration for National Cherry Pie Day and George Washington’s Birthday.

Cherry Pie Bake Sale Ideas

Plan a bake sale fundraiser to celebrate National Cherry Pie Day (and Washington’s Birthday). To make it more interesting, offer all types of cherry pie at your sale. Have plenty of the original lattice topped cherry pies, but also include full-crust pies. Include small, individual size pies, tart pies, and even fried pies. Mix it up and offer your customers many selections. Just because your bake sale only features “cherry” pies, there’s no reason that you can’t have a wide variety of selections. Below are a few of our favorite ideas…but you can surely think of many more.

Cherry Pie Varieties:

  • Lattice crust top
  • Full-crust top
  • Deep dish pies
  • Cherry Tarts
  • Individual size pies
  • Fried pies
  • Cherry Cobblers



National Cherry Pie Day, February 20

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