Dino Dudes Scented Backpack Clips for Fundraising – Free Shipping

Dino Dudes Backpack Clips for Fundraising

Scented Dino Dudes Backpack Clips Are a Unique Fundraising Idea!

These scented stuffed toy backpack clips will be a hit for your next fundraiser. Everyone will want to collect all six scents fo these cute little Dino Dudes backpack clips! Your school or group earns 40% profit.

We recommend these Dino Dudes Backpack Clips for any age school or club fundraiser.


  • 3.5 inch Stuffed Toys in Yummy Scents
  • Attached to Backpack Clip
  • 6 Scents
  • Sell for $5 each
  • 108 per case (18 of each scent)
  • Minimum Order: 1 case
  • 40% Profit
  • Includes Counter Top Display
  • Delivery: 7 days
  • FREE Shipping!
  • Order Online

Dino Dudes Backpack Clips

Six Choices of Dino Dudes Backpack Clips:

The Dino Dudes Backpack Clip fundraiser includes six different dinosaur stuffed animals, each style with a different scent. There are 18 each of the 6 scents in each case (108 total). Your customers can choose their favorite or collect all six!

  • Brontosaurus Dino Dudes Backpack Clip

Six Scents:

Each Dino Dudes Backpack Buddy is filled with super soft stuffing and environmentally friendly ceramic clay beads that have been infused with a gourmet scent. Scents last for two years.

  1. Brontosaurus = Blue Raspberry
  2. Parasaurolophus = Pineapple
  3. Triceratops = Strawberry
  4. Triceratops = Grape
  5. T-Rex = Orange
  6. Stegosaurus = Candy Apple

Profit Chart:

Cases Ordered Cost Per Case You Collect Total Profit
1+ $324.00 $540.00 40%

How to Order:

It’s Easy! You can place your order online.

Order Online

How to Pay:

You have several options of payment. If you are ordering online, you can pay by major credit card, Pay Pal, or School Purchase Order.

Methods of Payment:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • School Purchase Orders

Free Shipping:

Shipping is free. You will receive your delivery in about 1 week.

Fun Fundraising Idea!

Dino Dudes Scented Backpack Clips for Fundraising, Order Online

Free Fundraising Info Guide

Free Fundraising Info Guide


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