All Fundraising Products

Fundraising Products

Fundraising Products

We have lots of fundraising product choices. Some are new and unique and some are the old, tried and true, stand-by. It’s always hard to choose a product for your next fundraising campaign. But, don’t always stick with the same product…venture out, be brave, and choose something different this year. Your customers will love you for it. No matter what your cause, there is sure to be a product here that fits your needs.

ALL Fundraising Products:

High Profit Fundraisers

Scratch & Help Cards


Dinner & a Movie

Entertainment Membership

Restaurant Cards

Custom Spirit Products

Custom Face Masks

Custom Travel Mugs

Custom Tumblers

Candy, Snacks, Coffee

Katydids Candy

America’s Favorite Dollar Bars

Chocolatiers Candy Bars

Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods

Gourmet Lollipops

Cotton Candy Bags

Cotton Candy Tubs

Gummi Candy

Fruit Snacks

Beef Jerky

3-19 Coffee

Order-Takers inc/Online Store

Heartland Home Collection

Heartland Sweets

Heartland Cheese & Sausage

Heartland Fall/Winter Goodies & Gifts

Gourmet Popcorn – 4pg

Gourmet Popcorn – Single Sheet

Otis Spunkmeyer Fun-Raising

Otis Spunkmeyer Simply Delicious

Otis Spunkmeyer Extravaganza

Otis Spunkmeyer Same Price Snacks

Pizza Rounds

Epic Desserts


La-Tee-Da! Candles

The Ultimate Coffee Collection

3-19 Coffee

Cookie Dough inc/Online Store

OS Single Sheet

Amazing Gourmet Cookie Dough

Amazing Gourmet Single Sheet

Cookie Dough w/1 Cs Min Order & Free Shipping

Perfectly Pre-Portioned

Scoop & Bake Tubs

$12 Dough

Top Six Flavors