Katydids Candy for Fundraising

Katydids Candy

Katydids Candy for Fundraising

Katydids candy is a popular fundraising candy. If anyone finds out you have it to sell, they will want to buy it! You can choose to order by the case or use the order-taker brochure.

Katydids Candy, also known as Turtles Candy, is made of buttery caramel and pecan clusters, and covered in milk chocolate. Whatever name you call them, they are so good! Katydids (Turtles) are a specialty candy that everyone loves!

Two ways to fund-raise with Katydids!

Order cases to sell in-hand or take orders with our brochure. The brochure includes an online store for sales.

1. Order Katydids Candy Online

It’s easy to Order Katydids Candy by the Case!

Order Katydids by the Case

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2. Katydids Order-Taker

Katydids Candy Order-Taker

You can also sell Katydids candy with our single sheet order-taker. You can also opt to use an online store for purchases. You will need no money up-front with this method. Take orders, collect payments, and order how many tins you need.

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Katydids Candy – Favorite Fundraising Idea!

Katydids Candy, Favorite Fundraising Idea!


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