Katydids Candy Order-Taker Fundraiser With Online Store

Katydids Candy Single Sheet Order-Taker Fundraiser

Katydids Candy Single-Sheet Order-Taker Fundraiser, Plus Online Store

This singe sheet order-taker fundraiser only features Katydids candy. This is a very popular fundraiser. The brochure includes an online store with Katydids candy plus lots of other items. This fundraiser is offered by Fundraiser Alley through UNIPAK Supply. We recommend this brochure for schools, churches, sports teams, and PTA/PTO.


  • Free Order-Taker Brochures
  • Includes Online Store
  • 40% Profit
  • Free Shipping w/400 item order
  • Minimum Order: 100 items
  • Packed Per-Seller (no charge)
  • Case Requirement: None (sold per item)
  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks (after payment)
  • View/Download PDF Brochure
  • Help/More Info: 888-205-1109

Katydids Candy Single Sheet Order-Taker Brochure:

Katydids Candy Single Sheet Order-Taker Brochure

This single sheet order-taker only features the Katydids eight ounce tin. Katydids candy is made with soft and rich buttery caramel and fancy pecans, covered with real milk chocolate. What more do you need? πŸ™‚

How to Order Brochures:

How to Order Brochures
To request brochures, you will need to download the PRA Order Form (Fundraising Purchase & Reservation Agreement), fill it out, and email it to UNIPAK Supply (orders@unipaksupply.com). It’s as easy as 1-2-3! But, if you need help, just phone 888-205-1109 for friendly assistance!


2. FILL OUT FORM with the name of the brochure you’ve selected, number brochures needed, your school or group information, and other information requested on form. The form is an editable .PDF and easy to fill out. Hints:

  • Enter the complete name of brochure you want.
  • Faye Rutledge is the sales rep name.
  • You can type in your signature.

3. EMAIL completed form to orders@unipaksupply.com.

View/Download PRA Order Form
View/Download/Print PRA ORDER FORM
(Editable PDF)

Need help? Phone 888-205-1109.

How This Fundraiser Works:

β€’ REQUEST BROCHURES: Download the PRA ORDER FORM, fill it out and email completed form to: orders@unipaksupply.com. Be sure and put the complete name of the brochure on form. For more information, phone 888-205-1109.

β€’ THE ONLINE STORE: An online store that features your brochure plus lots of other items is included with your brochure, but you do not have to use it. Online orders can be shipped to your group or to the buyer’s home. You will be sent a unique store link and coordinator information when you request your brochures. For more information, phone 888-205-1109.

β€’ RECEIVE BROCHURES: Your brochures, order forms, and collection envelopes will be shipped and should arrive in about one week after the PRA form is received. You will also receive a return FedEx shipping label and envelope to return your brochures.

β€’ RUN FUNDRAISER: Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. Participants will take orders and collect payments. Online store sales will be paid by customer at time of purchase.

β€’ RETURN ORDER FORMS: Return your order-forms. (You will be provided an envelope and FedEx shipping label to mail.)

β€’ RECEIVE INVOICE: Your orders will be entered into the system and you will be emailed an invoice for the total owed. (Orders can be entered per student, classroom, or bulk…your choice.)

β€’ SUBMIT PAYMENT: Submit payment by school/business check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. You can also pay by Visa or Master Card (small fee). Public schools can pay by Purchase Order with a 15 day payment agreement.

β€’ KEEP PROFIT: Keep the remainder collected as your profit.

β€’ ORDER SHIPPED: Once payment has been received, your order will be shipped. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

β€’ DISTRIBUTE ORDERS: Distribute orders to students. Students then deliver their customer’s orders. To avoid contact, you can set up a pick-up location for orders.


What is a PRA Order Form?

A PRA is a Fundraising Purchase and Reservation Agreement. You use this form to order your brochures and start your fundraiser. It is an editable .PDF form, so it’s easy to fill out on your computer. Just download (or print), fill out, and email. It includes profit and payment information and asks for basic information about your school/group. Notes:

  • Enter the complete name of brochure you want.
  • Fundraiser Alley is the sales rep name. (already entered)
  • You can type in your signature.

How much profit will we make?

Your school or group will make 40% profit.

How much do brochures cost?

Brochures are free. You will also receive free order forms and collection envelopes, plus envelope and FedEX mailing label to return brochures when fundraiser is finished.

What is delivery time for brochures?

Brochures, order forms, and collection envelopes will be delivered in about one week from the time your PRA Order form is received. Allow extra time in the busy Fall fundraising season.

How much is shipping products to our group?

Shipping is free with 400+ items sold. Shipping will cost one dollar for each item below 400. (Example: 300 items = $100 shipping.) If you include an online store, the sales from the store combine with brochure sales for total items sold.

What is delivery time for products?

Delivery will be in about 2-3 weeks after payment has been received. Usually, about 2 weeks for bulk orders and about 3 weeks for packed-per-student orders.

How do customers pay for their purchase?

For brochure orders, customers can pay by cash or check. For online store orders, your customers can pay by credit card or Pay Pal.

How do we pay for products?

Your group has several options of payment including: major credit card, school purchase order (15 day invoice), school/business check, money order, cashier’s check.

Our fundraiser is finished, now what?

When your fundraiser is finished, mail us all of your brochures. Use the envelope and FedEx shipping label provided when you received your brochures. We will tally your orders and package orders per participant.We will contact you to determine delivery date.

Where do we mail our finished brochures?

When your fundraiser is completed, mail UNIPAK Supply your brochures. Use the envelope and FedEx shipping label provided when you received your brochures. Mail to:


3912 Option Pass

Fort Wayne, IN 46818

What about shipping for products ordered from the online store?

If your online store customer chooses to have their purchase shipped to your group, their order will be included with your brochure orders and shipped to your group.

If your customer chooses to have their order shipped to their home, the customer will pay for shipping. Their order will be shipped immediately after purchase and will arrive to them in about one week.

Do brochure and online sales combine to meet minimums?

Yes, brochure and online sales combine to meet your 100 item minimum and to meet the 400 item free shipping minimum.

Do you have a prize program?

Yes, UNIPAK offers the Ton of Prizes brochure which is geared for elementary age students. Request the Ton of Prizes brochure in the box provided on the PRA Order Form. Please Note: The brochures are free, but the school/group pays 3% of their commission for the prizes. We suggest that you use your own prize program, such as gift cards, for older students. For more information about the prize program, phone 888-205-1109.

How long should we run our fundraiser?

We suggest running fundraisers for two or three weeks.

How long from beginning to end will a brochure fundraiser take?

After you select your brochure, get it approved, and send in your PRA Order Form, allow at least six to eight weeks from beginning to end. That includes the time it takes your brochures to arrive, running your fundraiser, returning your brochures, making payment, receiving, distributing and delivering your products. Fundraising is a time consuming endeavor. Keep this timeline in mind when planning when to start your brochure fundraiser. Allow yourself plenty of time to avoid stress.

Need More Info?

Need More Info? Phone 888-205-1109

If you need more information or help with ordering your brochures, please phone 888-205-1109.


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