Ship-to-Home Fundraising Ideas

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers

You Asked For It…You’ve Got It! The most asked for fundraiser this year has been a ship-to-home fundraiser. Now you have choices! You can use our newest La-Tee-Da Candles Online Store, the Touchless Online Fundraising Store or our Order-Taker Brochures w/Ship-to-Home!

Ship-to-Home Fundraiser Options:

Candles Online Store w/Ship-to-Home

100% Touchless Online Fundraising Store

Order-Taker Brochures w/Online Store & Ship-to-Home

Benefits of a Ship-to-Home Fundraiser:

  • Safety & Social Distancing
  • No Minimums to Meet
  • No Tally Sheets!
  • Works for Any Size Group
  • 40% Profit

There are so many benefits to a ship-to-home fundraiser. Not only do you have the benefits of social distancing, no minimums, and perfect for any size group… you DON’T have to worry about order forms, packets, collections, tally sheets or deliveries! Yet your group will earn a 40% profit. In these times, ship-to-home is the perfect option for fundraising…and even in the days to come. You may never want to do any other kind!

1. Candles Online Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

Candle Fundraiser with Ship-to-Home Online Store

Our newest online fundraiser with ship-to-home delivery is the La-Tee-Da Fundraising Candles. I LOVE this fundraiser! The online store includes Mason jar candles, classic jar candles, room spray, and 2-pack wax melts in the 15 scents. The 3-wick candle in 3 seasonal scents. Aroma diffuser oils in 8 scents and 16oz Mason Jar Holiday Candles in 6 scents. Prices are set at $10, $15, and $20. Shipping is free with orders $200+ and $7.95 under $200. Your group will earn 40% to 50% profit. It’s so easy!



Contact: Faye Rutledge, your La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Independent Representative, 434-851-6297

2. Ship-to-Home Online Fundraising Store:

Ship to Home Touchless Fundraiser

Our Touchless Online Fundraiser Store is with You will register with them to get started with your fundraiser. It’s free to start, easy to set-up. Your online store includes hundreds of products. All products are shipped directly to the customer. Your group will earn a 40% profit. Your coordinator will have a login to view total sales and sales per participant.



View a Live DEMO STORE

Ready to Register?

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3. Order-Takers w/Online Store & Ship-to-Home

Order-Taker Fundraisers with Online Store and Ship-to-Home

With social distancing in place, it’s been hard to have an order-taker fundraiser…but, NOW you can! Now our order-taker brochures include an online store. Some brochures can also be used as a completely ship-to-home fundraiser. In order to direct-ship to buyer’s home, a brochure should include all or most items that do not need to be kept refrigerated or frozen. So, keeping this in mind, we have selected brochures that fit this requirement to offer as “ship-to-home fundraisers”. You can feature only your brochure in your store or include the hundreds of other items already in the store. It’s up to you.


Request Brochure to be: Only Online and Only Ship-to-Buyer’s Home

For a completely hands-off fundraiser…request to us that your brochure to be “only online” and to “only ship to home”. We will set-up your online store. Choose one of the brochures below:

Gourmet Popcorn | Heartland Home Collection | Heartland Goodies & Gifts | Heartland Sweets | Heartland Cheese & Sausage | Holiday Gift Wrap

Popcorn Fundraiser Heartland Home Collection Ship-to-Home Fundraiser Heartland Goodies and Gifts Ship-to-Home Fundraiser Heartland Sweets Ship-to-Home Fundraiser Heartland Cheese and Sausage Ship-to-Home Fundraiser Ship to Home Holiday Wrap Fundraiser

More Info/Get Started:

Info/Get Started:, 434-851-6297
Contact: Faye Rutledge, UNIPAK SUPPLY Independent Distributor,, 434-851-6297

Ship-to-Home fundraisers are perfect for schools, clubs, & sports teams!

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers for schools, clubs, sports teams