Ship-to-Home Fundraising Ideas

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers

You Asked For It…You’ve Got It! The most asked for fundraising requirement this year has been a ship-to-home fundraiser. We have ideas! For the first time, we are able of offer a ship-to-home Katydids Candy fundraiser! We also have our new Magazines PlusMagazines Only and Snacks, Home, Gifts online stores with ship-to-home. You can also use the complete Online Fundraising Store. The Rock Your Socks and Custom Tumbler fundraisers are always a fun option. Going online will make your fundraising life so much easier! All earn your group 40% profit. For more information or to get started, Contact: Faye Rutledge,, 434-851-6297.

Ship-to-Home Fundraising Options:

Katydids Candy

Heartland Online Collection

Rock Your Socks!

Custom Tumblers

Online Fundraising Store

Magazines + More

  • Katydids Ship-to-Home Online Fundraiser

Benefits of a Ship-to-Home Fundraiser:

  • Safety & Social Distancing
  • No Minimums to Meet
  • No Tally Sheets!
  • Works for Any Size Group
  • 40% Profit

There are so many benefits to a ship-to-home fundraiser. Not only do you have the benefits of social distancing, no minimums, and perfect for any size group… you DON’T have to worry about order forms, packets, collections, tally sheets or deliveries! Yet your group will earn a 40% profit. In these times, ship-to-home is the perfect option for fundraising…and even in the days to come. You may never want to do any other kind!

Info/Get Started:

For more information or to get started, Contact: Faye Rutledge,, 434-851-6297

Contact:, ph/txt 434-851-6297

1. Katydids Candy

Katydids Ship-to-Home Online Fundraiser

For the first time, we now have an online, ship-to-home Katydids Candy fundraiser! It’s what everyone has been asking for! Now available for Fall fundraising. Katydids Candy is our most popular fundraiser. Find out more…

2. Heartland Online Collection

Heartland Online Collection, Ship-to-Home Fundraiser
This Heartland Home Collection virtual brochure has yummy candy, snacks, and desserts! These make great holiday gift items. Find out more…

3. Rock Your Socks!

Socks Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

The Rock Your Socks fundraiser is a unique idea for your Band or Music Boosters next campaign. It features a variety of fun sock designs and best of all…it donates a pair of socks to your favorite charity for every 3-pack of socks you sell! And, it’s online, ship-to-home. Earns 40% profit. This is a ship-to-home fundraiser. Find out more…

4. Custom Tumblers

Custom Tumblers Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

Your store will feature custom stainless steel tumblers with your logo and favorite licensed team tumblers. Customers can purchase online and tumblers will be shipped directly to their home.  Find out more…

5. Online Fundraising Store

Online Ship-to-Home Fundraising Store

Our online ship-to-home fundraising store is with Your online store will include hundreds of products. All products are shipped directly to the customer. Your group will earn a 40% profit. Includes Coordinator and Seller Dashboards. Find out more info…

6. Magazines + More

Magazines and More Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

This online store features magazine subscriptions (print and digital) plus snacks, candy, home and gift items. The store will feature a personalized banner. This store looks great and so easy for your supporters to use. Find out more…

More Info/Get Started:

Contact:, ph/txt 434-851-6297

For more information about any of these ship-to-home fundraisers or to get started, Contact: Faye Rutledge,, 434-851-6297


Ship-to-Home Fundraisers, It’s What Schools Want!

Ship-to-Home Fundraisers, It's What Schools Want!


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