Unique National Day Fundraising Ideas

Unique National Day Fundraising Ideas

National Days Make Unique Fundraising Opportunities

If you’re looking for new and unique ideas for fundraising, a great idea is to use daily National days as a promotion tool for your fundraiser. Base your fundraiser on a National Day product or event. The easiest are food national days. For example, on National Pie Day, have a Pie Sale or on Chocolate Cake Day have a Chocolate Cake Bake Sale, on Spaghetti Day have a Spaghetti Supper. You can also use other days as a fundraising event. Retro Day would be perfect for a Retro Dance Party. Rubber Ducky Day is a fun and unique day for a fundraiser!

We’ve put together fundraising ideas for each month to give you ideas to start. You can use any day as a unique fundraising opportunity!  Take the hum-drum out of fundraising and think outside of the box.

National Day Fundraising Ideas:

January National Days Fundraising Ideas February National Days Fundraising Ideas March National Days Fundraising Ideas April National Days Fundraising Ideas May National Days Fundraising Ideas How to Use November National Celebration Days as a Fundraising Opportunity

February National Days:

February National Days

March National Food Days:

March National Food Days

April National Food Days:

April National Food Days

May National Food Days:

May National Food Days


Unique National Day Fundraising Ideas