Custom Face Mask Online Fundraiser for Schools

Custom Logo Face Masks Fundraiser - with Web Store

Custom Logo Face Mask Online Order-Taker Fundraiser for Schools and Sports Teams

During these unique times, what better product to use as a fundraiser than a face mask? Everybody needs one, which means sales will be easy. And, NOW, even easier with the Web Store for online sales! This is a unique opportunity to promote your school, sports team, church, club, or group with your custom logo on a face mask.

These face mask are reusable, machine washable, and available in adult and youth sizes. Please note that these mask are NOT medical quality, but ARE approved to be used by the public. Masks are 2-ply: outside is polyester, inside is comfortable cotton.

Available as an Online Fundraiser!

You can now have your Custom Face Mask order-taker brochure available for customers to order online.

Your Brochure Web Store will have a unique link for your group to share. It will offer the same products that are in the brochure plus more! And, it takes care of tracking sales per participant. You will never want to do a fundraiser any other way!

Everything works the same as a regular brochure fundraiser, except your brochure is online. However, there is a one-time $15 set-up fee for the Web Store in addition to the $25 set-up free for the custom brochure. The fee for brochure also covers the print set-up for your custom masks.


Fundraiser Highlights:

  • Your Own Custom Logo Face Masks
  • Custom Order-Taker Brochures ($25 Set-Up Fee)
  • Custom Web Store (additional $15 Set-Up Fee)
  • All Mask Sell for $15 each
  • 3 Masks for $39!
  • Minimum Order: 50 Masks
  • Free Delivery in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Not Medical Grade Masks
  • View Face Masks Web Store

Start Your Custom Face Mask Fundraiser

Custom Face Mask Order-Taker Fundraiser

>> Your Custom Mask

For your custom mask, you can choose ONE color, use ONE Logo, and text (optional). Send us these when you are ready to order. If you do not have a logo, you can use text and/or a generic image.

To Design Your Custom Mask, We Will Need:

  1. One LOGO IMAGE (high resolution image preferred)
  2. One COLOR Choice for Masks (please be specific)
  3. Optional TEXT and if you want it above or below logo.

Info/Get Started

Request Custom Brochures and Web Store:

Contact: Faye Rutledge, ABC Fundraising Rep,

Include in your email message:

  • School/Organization Name (if one)
  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Delivery Address
  • Color for Custom Masks (be specific)
  • Your High Resolution Logo Image* (if using)
  • Planned Start/End Dates for Fundraiser
  • Web Store? Yes/No

*Please send the highest resolution image that you have for better print quality.

Custom Brochure

Send us your high resolution logo image and we will make a custom .PDF brochure that features your logo on the color face mask of your choice. There is a $25 fee for the custom brochure, which includes the print set-up for your face masks.

You will receive a .PDF file of your custom brochure. You can then print the brochure or email the .PDF to each member of your group. The brochure .PDF makes it easy for participants to share their fundraiser to friends and family. This brochure offers TEXT to Pay.

Custom Web Store

When you order your custom brochures, you can also request a personalized web store. There is an additional $15 fee for the Web Store. You can direct your customers to your store to place their orders, thus no face to face contact. As with the brochure, the face masks sold will be delivered to you for distribution to your customers.

Web Store Highlights:

  • Features products from a specific fundraiser
  • Additional $15 Set-Up Fee for Face Mask Web Store
  • You can later have additional Web Stores w/no fee
  • Web Store features additional mask design options
  • Your group has a unique link for sharing
  • Tracks total sales and sales per participant (including customer info)
  • NO TALLY SHEETS to fill out!
  • All products sold are delivered to your group for distribution
  • Print-Out w/sales breakdown per participant
  • Profit from sales mailed at end of fundraiser


How It Works Video:

About the Face Mask:

  • Machine Washable/Reusable
  • Breathable 2-Ply: Polyester outside/Cotton inside
  • High Quality Sublimated Printing
  • Available in Adult & Kid Sizes
  • Made and Printed in the USA
  • Not Medical Grade Mask. Approved for Public Use.

Sublimated Printing

ABC Fundraising® uses a process known as Sublimation to print the logos on all of our face masks. Sublimated prints look much more natural than screen printed logos. There is virtually no difference to the feel of the fabric on the face mask when touching the sublimated logo portion and the rest of the mask. Screen printed logos often feel hard, peel off and are not safe to breathe through. They are also much harder to breathe through and are not recommended to be used on face masks.

Example of Custom Face Mask Order-Taker Brochure

Your brochure can be custom designed with your logo appearing on masks. How cool is that? Note: This brochure features TEXT to PAY. The Web Store offers even more options.

Custom Face Mask Order-Taker Brochure

View Sample Brochure

Face Mask Choices

These face mask come in a variety of styles to fit all of your customer’s needs. The main feature will be your own custom logo! You can even include custom text. This is great idea for school sports teams, clubs, and churches. For an alternative, there are blank mask, funny mask, and the pretty rhinestone mask.

Custom Face Mask Choices:

  1. Large Full Color Logo
  2. Small Full Color Logo
  3. Large Monochrome Logo (4 color choices)
  4. Small Monochrome Logo (4 color choices)

4 Monochrome Logo Mask Color Choices:

  1. Pink
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Grey

Blank Mask Color Choices:

  1. Pink
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Grey

Funny Faces Choices:

  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Smiley Face
  4. Mustache

Patriotic Choices:

  1. Large USA Flag
  2. Small USA Flag

Rhinestones Mask Choices:

  1. Silver rhinestones on black mask
  2. Pink rhinestones on black mask

Profit Chart:

# Masks Ordered Profit Percentage Profit Per Mask* Total Profit Range
50 – 99 25% $3.25 – $3.75 $163 – $371
100 – 199 30% $3.90 – $4.50 $390 – $895
200 – 399 35% $4.55 – $5.25 $910 – $2094
400 – 599 40% $5.20 – $6.00 $2400 – $3594
600 – 999 45% $5.85 – $6.75 $3510 – $6743
1000+ 50% $6.50 – $7.50 $6500 – $7500 +

*Profit dollar amount per mask will vary based on the selling price of either $15 each or $13 each (for sales of the 3 pack for $39).

For bulk orders of all one design see our Wholesale Custom Logo Face Masks.

How Does This Fundraiser Work?

  1. Order your custom brochure .PDF and web store.
  2. Email or Print .pdf brochure and Web Store link for each fundraiser participant.
  3. Participants share .PDF and link to Web Store with friends and family for orders.
  4. You place the final order for products and make payment. Web Store profit will be mailed to you.
  5. All items (including Web Store sales) will be shipped to you.
  6. Distribute to your participants to deliver to customers.
  7. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the wholesale cost of the products).

First, send in your logo. After your logo is approved, you will receive a PayPal request for the set-up fee(s). Next, your custom brochure will be designed and made into a .PDF file that will be sent to you, along with Web Store link. You can then send these by email to your group or print brochures.

Run your fundraiser for 2 or 3 weeks and sell items from the brochure and web store, and collect payments. After your fundraiser is finished, send in your total order and payment for wholesale price of items. You keep the rest! Profit from Web Store will be mailed. Your masks will arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks. You can then distribute to your members for delivery to customers.

How to Pay:

You have several options of payment, including major credit card, Pay Pal, check by phone, school purchase order, check, or money order.

Methods of Payment:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Check by Phone
  • School Purchase Order
  • Check or money order by mail

Free Delivery!

Delivery is free and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks for your face masks to arrive.

Ready to Start?

Info/Get Started

Request Custom Brochures:

To request any fundraiser, contact me, your ABC Fundraising Representative. I am here to help you get started, answer questions, and submit your fundraiser. Contact me by email, phone, or text. (, 434-851-6297)

Include in your email message:

  • Organization Name (if one)
  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Delivery Address
  • Color for Custom Masks (be specific)
  • Your High Resolution Logo Image* (if using)
  • Planned Start/End Dates for Fundraiser
  • Web Store? Yes/No

*Please send the highest resolution image that you have for better print quality.

Custom Face Masks Online Order-Taker Fundraiser

Free Fundraising Info Guide

Request Free Info Guide:
Need more fundraising ideas? Request a free fundraising info guide. Email Faye Rutledge, ABC Fundraising Rep, ( and receive a .PDF fundraising guide by return email.


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