How to Have an Order-Taker Fundraiser and Comply With Social Distancing

How Your School Can Have an Order-Taker Fundraiser and Still Comply With Social Distancing

How Your School Can Have an Order-Taker Fundraiser and Still Comply With Social Distancing

We’re all hoping that everything will be back to normal when school starts in the Fall, but let’s face it…we will most likely still be practicing social distancing. You will most certainly be reluctant to send your students out to sell fundraising products. But, you will still need the funds that your fundraiser provides. So, what do you do? How can you have your school’s favorite order-taker fundraiser, and still comply with social distancing?

Use a Different Approach for your next fundraiser.

HAVE Your Order-Taker Fundraiser — With a DIFFERENT Approach!

In the world today, you can still HAVE your fundraiser — but, with a DIFFERENT approach. The internet and social media will play a large part in fundraising this coming school year, the same as it does for online schooling. Thank goodness for the internet!

Believe it or not, the order-taker brochure is one of the easiest options for your school’s Fall fundraiser. This is the type of fundraiser most elementary and middle schools choose. The order-taker is a no-risk fundraiser, needing no money up-front. There are a wide variety of brochure choices.

Sometimes a brochure will also include an online store. This takes the worry out of fundraising in our “New Normal” world.

Choose a Brochure

Online Store: This new method is the best for fundraising today. The store will track your orders and make fundraising so easy!

PDF Version: You can also use the .PDF version of the brochure for promoting and taking orders via text, email and social media.

PRINT Version: The print brochure is free and included with almost all order-taker fundraisers. Use the print version of the brochure for students to keep track of their .PDF orders. And, most likely, they will also have person-to-person orders as well.

Use Text, Email, and Social Media to Promote

Students can use texting, email, and social media to promote their fundraiser. Students and parents are used to this! They can easily text or email the link to a Web Store or .PDF brochure to friends and family. We have found that texting is the best method of communicating.

Also, they can take a photo of the print version or put a link to the .PDF on their Facebook page. All of their friends can see it and give their order.

Taking Orders

Online Stores, of course, accept orders online. Each store tracks orders per student, payments made, and your profit. What could be easier?

For the .PDF brochures, tell students to request that everyone email or private message them to place their order and to arrange how to pay.

Place Your Order

Generally, a fundraiser runs for two or three weeks. After all orders are in and payments made, send in your tally and payment for products. You get to keep the rest! Profits from the online store will be mailed to you. If you use the online store only, it will keep all records for you…no need to tally!

Distribute and Deliver

When your products are delivered, distribute to students to deliver as usual. They can drop off at the door, at a prearranged time to avoid contact. Another option is to have a “Pick Up Day” for everyone who ordered to stop by a designated place to pick up their order.

Don’t Worry!

So, don’t worry, your favorite school fundraiser can still be done, even with social distancing.

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