Plan a Dance Fundraiser for National Retro Day, Feb 27

Plan a Retro Dance Fundraiser for National Retro Day, Feb 27

A Retro Dance Fundraiser Is Perfect for National Retro Day on February 27

National Retro Day is February 27th! This is the perfect time for a Retro Dance Fundraiser. Take advantage of this national day to earn extra funds for your school, club, or group.

Take a vote and choose your favorite decade to feature for your dance party fundraiser. The most popular are the 50s, 60s, and 70s, however any past decade will work. The older decades would be considered more “retro”.

What Is Your Retro?

What Is Your Retro?

You can include all eras in your dance, but it would probably be easier to choose your favorite retro period and plan your dance around that decade. Is it 50’s Rock ‘n Roll? 60’s Hippie Era? 70’s Disco? Any of these would make a great dance theme. Include related music and decorations at your dance. Encourage attendees to dress in there favorite clothing for that decade. February is a great time for a dance fundraiser! Young and old alike will love a retro themed dance!

Be sure and promote your dance as a celebration of National Retro Day and specify which decade theme the dance will be (if any).

Fifties Rock ‘n Roll Dance Ideas

Plan a 50s Dance for National Retro Day, Feb 27
Fifties is the most popular retro era. Everything was cool in the 50s! Decorate with 50s themed decorations and include a Jukebox standee if possible. It will make a great Photo Prop.

Suggest that everyone wear clothes themed to that decade.

Music should include Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and all of the other popular singers of that decade.

Sixties Hippie Dance Ideas

Plan a Hippie PartyFundraiser for National Retro Day, Feb 27

For a Hippie themed dance, decorate with lots of bright colored daisies, butterflies, peace signs, tie dye, and other Hippie Party Decorations. Be sure and include a Hippie VW Bus photo prop.

There were many different types of popular music in the 60s. For example: Folk music tunes by the Beatles, Mamas and Papas, and Bob Dylan. Pop Rock music by Chubby Checker (The Twist!) and The Monkees. Surf Rock music with The Beachboys and others. Play a mixture of all the different types.

Seventies Disco Party Ideas

Plan a Disco Party for National Retro Day, Feb 27
If you’re planning a Disco Party Dance, be sure to decorate with disco balls, strobe lights,  and other Disco Party Decorations. Include a fun photo prop.

For music, choose the popular disco tunes of that era.

Retro Raffle

You might consider having a Retro Raffle during your dance fundraiser. It’s an easy way to earn even more funds for your cause. Raffle a prize (or prizes) that are “retro” themed. Be sure and mention that the raffle is to celebrate National Retro Day.

Ideas for a Retro Raffle

Select one prize or several in the retro theme. Most popular are kitchen appliances, such as mixers and toasters. Another popular item for raffles is the S’mores Maker.

National Retro Day, February 27

Find Out More About National Retro Day, Feb 27

Read the article, National Retro Day, by, to find out more about the history of this national day and how you can celebrate it.

National Day Calendar Fundraiser

There is also a National Day Calendar Fundraiser! You could use this as an additional fundraiser during the month of February and offer it during your other fundraising campaigns.

Unique Opportunity for Fundraising

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