May National Food Days Fundraising Ideas

May National Food Days Fundraising Ideas

Need Ideas for May Fundraisers?

If you’re looking for unique ideas for your May fundraising campaigns, consider using National Food Days. There is a least one (or more) National Food Days for each day in May. You could have a fundraiser relating to that days celebration. For example, you could have a Hoagie Supper fundraiser for National Hoagie Day on May 5. Or, a Apple Pie Bake Sale for National Apple Pie Day on May 13. If you promote your fundraiser as a national celebration day, you will get lots of sales. Everyone will want to get in on the fun.

A Few Easy Ideas for National Food Day Fundraisers:

  • May 2 – Truffle Candy Sale
  • May 3 – Lemonade Stand (1st Sunday in May)
  • May 4 – Orange Juice Stand
  • May 5 – Hoagie Supper
  • May 8 – Coconut Cream Pie Sale
  • May 9 – Butterscotch Brownie Sale
  • May 13 – Apple Pie Bake Sale
  • May 14 – Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast
  • May 16 – Barbecue Supper
  • May 17 – Cherry Cobbler Bake Sale
  • May 19 – Devil’s Food Cake Bake Sale
  • May 28 – Hamburger Supper

Hoagie Supper Fundraiser Idea Apple Pie Bake Sale Idea Hamburger Supper Fundraiser Idea

May National Food Days

May National Food Days

Choose any May National Food Day to plan a fundraiser featuring the food of the day. Most days have more than one food featured, as well as other things.

This is not a complete list! For a complete list, go here: May National Days

May National Food Days:

  1. Chocolate Parfait
  2. Truffle
  3. Lemonade
  4. Orange Juice
  5. Hoagie
  6. Beverage
  7. Roast Leg of Lamb
  8. Coconut Cream Pie
  9. Butterscotch Brownies
  10. Shrimp
  11. Eat What You Want
  12. Nutty Fudge
  13. Apple Pie
  14. Buttermilk Biscuits
  15. Pizza Party
  16. Barbecue
  17. Cherry Cobbler
  18. Cheese Souffle
  19. Devil’s Food Cake
  20. Quiche Lorraine
  21. Strawberries & Cream
  22. Vanilla Pudding
  23. Taffy
  24. Escargot
  25. Wine
  26. Blueberry Cheesecake
  27. Grape Popsicle
  28. Hamburger
  29. Coq Au vin
  30. Mint Julep
  31. Macaroon

National Day Calendar Fundraiser

There is also a National Day Calendar Fundraiser! You could use this as an additional fundraiser during the month of May and offer it during your other fundraising campaigns.