Free Online Fundraising Store, Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

Free Online Fundraising Store - Ship to Home

It’s Easy to Start a Free Online Fundraising Store

This is a SHIP-TO-HOME Fundraiser!

Every school, team, club and group should have a Free Online Fundraising Store! There’s really no reason not to. It’s free to start and so simple to set up. Then, all you have to do is spread the word. With social media, that’s easy to do. Customers can visit your online store to find magazines and many other products. And who doesn’t shop online these days? Once you set up your store, it is there until you delete it. No deadlines. We suggest using this free store as an ongoing fundraiser, in addition to other fundraising products.
Currently there are many changes with schools and sports. But, you still need your fundraising campaigns. In order to raise funds while not coming in direct contact with people, consider this online fundraiser. There are no door-to-door sales and products are delivered direct to home. Everything is done completely online.


  • FREE to Start!
  • Easy to Set Up
  • No Door-to-Door, No Deliveries
  • Purchases are Direct Mailed to Customer
  • Earn 40% profit
  • Use as an Ongoing Fundraiser
  • Checks Sent Monthly
  • Start Your Free Online Store

Online Fundraising Store - REGISTER NOW - It's Free!

What You Get with Your Online Fundraising Store:

  • The ability to customize your Online Fundraising Store with your own logo, photos and text.
  • Enjoy full control of your campaign and track your sales and profits through a personal Campaign Manager.
  • An online fundraising store offering magazines and other cool items.
  • Items ship direct to your supporters!
  • A dashboard to easily invite your supporters to participate by shopping on your personalized fundraising store. You can share your store’s link via text, email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get reports about your sales and profits earned.
  • Monthly Checks

What you need to know...STEP-BY-STEP


1. Set-Up:

Register. Use your name (administrator name), email address, and password. This is for your LOG-IN information. You will also be able to log-in using Facebook or Google account.

Add group name and description. This information will appear on your store page. You can make changes after you are set-up. The description has a 1000 character maximum and 400 character minimum. (You will need to type in 400 characters, including spaces, to get to the next step.) (Type directly into form, not copy and paste.)

Add group photo or logo. You can upload an image or choose a stock image from efundraising.

Add the amount you want to earn.

Add group member email addresses. You can enter addresses from your email account or manually. You can start with only one entry and add the others later if you choose.

2. Contact Group Members:

An email will automatically go out to each group member (that you have added) to tell them about the fundraiser and ask them to participate. (You can also text them the information and link on your own.) A reminder email will also go out at intervals you choose.

3. Group Members Sign Up:

Each member can then sign-up from the link included in the email. They will then be listed as a member of your group and show up in your campaign manager. They will have a unique link to send to their friends and family about the fundraiser. They can also text the link and share on Facebook and other social media.

Now it’s time for everyone to promote, promote, promote!

PROMOTE Your Fundraising Store!

PROMOTE Your Store!

  • • Each member can use their dashboard to invite friends and family by email to shop on their store.
  • • Members can text the store link to friends and family.
  • • Each store also has share buttons on the bottom of the page to make it easy to share your store on social media.
  • Remember…a successful fundraiser depends on how well you get the word out.

A Successful Fundraiser Depends on How Well You Get the Word Out!

Online Store Products

Your online store is FULL of awesome products! Not only does it have magazine subscriptions, it has lots of candy and snacks, Christmas wrap and decorations, home decor, kitchen gadgets and other home items, Inspire Kindness products, and more. If customers don’t want anything for themselves, they have the option to support a cause or gift cards. This store has it all! You will be proud to promote this online store to your friends and family. They will love to purchase to support your group. The products and shipping are reasonably priced.

Product Categories Include:

  • Magazine Subscriptions (digital and print)
  • Gift Wrap
  • For the Home
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Tasty Treats
  • Holiday Treasures
  • Inspire Kindness
  • Support a Cause
  • Gift Cards

Online Fundraising Store Products
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Ongoing Fundraising Idea

The Online Fundraising Store can be used as an ongoing fundraiser and in addition to other fundraisers to boost your earning potential. After it’s set up, it will always be there until you delete it. It will continue to earn profits as long as you promote it. You will receive monthly checks for profits earned.

Free Online Fundraising Store

Free Fundraising Info Guide

Free Fundraising Info Guide

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