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Candle Fundraisers

3 Candle Fundraising Ideas

We offer the Earth Candle Collection by Heritage, including Canning Jar and Hourglass Candles. These candles are available as an order-taker type fundraiser (includes both types of candles) or you can purchase the jar and hourglass candles by the case. All will earn your group a 50% profit.

Earth candles are made of high quality wax with premium scents, have a 60+ hour burn time, lead-free wicks that are glued to the bottom, and are Made in USA. Each candle includes a nice gift box.

Use the links below for more information about each candle fundraiser.

Pomegranate Jar Candle for fundraising
Canning Jar Candle Fundraiser
Heaven Scented Candle for fundraising
Hourglass Candle Fundraiser
Earth Candles
Order-Taker Candle Fundraiser

Candle Fundraiser Highlights:

  • 50% Profit
  • Retail: $14 – $16
  • 60+ hr burn time, lead-free wicks, highly fragrant
  • Gift Boxes included with candle
  • Made in USA

Need More Info?

Call Us – We’re Friendly! 1-866-826-0944

Need More Info? 1-866-826-0944

Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and school/group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!
  • Never sell door-to-door in an unfamiliar neighborhood

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