Gift Basket Raffle Ideas

Ideas for Raffle Gift Baskets

Ideas for Raffle Gift Baskets

Are you planning to raffle off a gift basket and need ideas? There are many types of gift baskets. In fact, you can buy or make one for almost any theme or reason. I love shopping for anything on Amazon, so I’ll give you some suggestions for different types that I’ve found on their site. You could either order from there, or use the idea to make your own. You may be able to get local businesses to donate products for your gift basket raffle.

If you’re planning a gift basket raffle, consider what people will most likely take a chance on. And, consider where you’re going to display the basket. For example, a basket full of spa type gifts would be great for display in a beauty salon. Another example would be a basket of toys and stuffed animals for a Christmas raffle and for Valentine’s Day you could include different types of candy. Make your raffle basket something that will catch the eye and draw them in.

Ideas for gift baskets are limitless! However, I’ve separated these into 5 themes, including food, women, men, fun, and holidays.

1. Food Themed Gift Baskets

These could be used for men or women and include wine & cheese and snack foods. Any gift basket that includes food will be a winner! I do suggest that you do not include fresh fruit unless the basket will be raffled right away. You could include dried fruit.

– Wine & Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine &  Cheese Gift Baskets vary in price and some include a cutting board or come in a handy picnic basket. Some do not include wine.

– Snack Food Gift Baskets

Snack Food Gift Baskets include lots of snacks and candy. Who could resist one of these?

2. Especially For Women

The Spa gift basket is the most popular theme for a woman, and includes lots of bubble bath, fancy soaps, lotions, etc. You could also include a gift card to a local spa.

3. Especially for Men

A gift basket for a man should include some type of manly food, such as spicy sausages & cheese, beef jerky, snack foods, or grilling spices and marinades.

4. Fun Themes

Eye catching fun themes include Movie Night and Sports themed gift baskets.

– Movie Night

– Sports Themed

4. Holidays

Any holiday is a great time to have a gift basket raffle, especially Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of pre-made or make your own.

How to Make Your Own Gift Basket

If you want to try making your own gift basket, here is a  handy tutorial that shows you how!

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