Raffle Prize Ideas for Fall Fundraising

Fall Raffle Prize Ideas

Fall Themed Raffle Prize Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for a great raffle prize for your Fall fundraiser, consider things that are useful during the Fall months. For example, yard tools such as a leaf blower or yard wagon. Fall themed items such as door wreaths and gift baskets are also great choices. With cooler weather coming on, a Keurig coffee maker or crock pot would be perfect. Another idea would be to use a sports theme and include football fan gear or equipment. Fall months are also great for hiking.

The type of group you are… school, sports team, school club, church group…will make a difference on the raffle prize you choose. A sports team or men’s group might want a sports, hiking, or yard tool related prize. A church or women’s group might want the coffee maker, door wreath or gift basket. A school could go with any of these! Try to choose something that represents who you are, as well as the season.

You may be able to get local business to donate item(s) to raffle, but if not, I recommend shopping on Amazon.com. It has great prices and usually free shipping. The items that I suggest on this post are all available on Amazon.

Yard Tools

Yard tools make great raffle prizes. Fall calls for lots of raking leaves and yard work. Choose a prize that everyone wants, but may not have or if they do, would like to have a new one. Choose a deluxe model with all the bells and whistles. The most wanted yard tool raffle prizes would be a new leaf blower or a new yard wagon…say Gorilla Cart. Add in one or two new rakes or use those as runner-up prizes.

Leaf Blowers

Yard Wagons

Yard Rakes

Favorite Pick:

Leaf Blower - Amazon.com
Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower – Amazon.com

Leaf Blowers

Yard Wagons:

Fall Themed Gifts

Fall themed gifts are always a great idea for raffle prizes. A new door wreath or a cool gift basket are a couple of suggestions. Your group may be able to make these as a project and then raffle them off.

Fall Door Wreath

Fall Gift Baskets

Luxury Throw Blankets

Favorite Pick:

Fall Front Door Wreath - Amazon.com
Fall Front Door Wreath – Amazon.com

Fall Gift Raffle Prize Ideas:

Unique Idea for Fall Raffle Prize!

If you’re looking for something unique, I love the S’mores Makers. A cool Fall night is a great time to make S’mores. Not everyone can do an outside fire and a S’mores maker would be perfect. For the raffle prize, you could also add an assortment of candy bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

Smores Maker - Amazon.com
Nostalgia Electric Tabletop S’mores Maker – Amazon.com

Kitchen Appliances

With cooler weather, a new coffee maker, crock pot, or air fryer would be a great enticement for ticket sales…especially with the ladies! Air Fryers are a fairly new kitchen appliance and not everyone has one, so this is a great choice. Of course, a coffee maker for cool nights and crock pots for cooking up a warm meal are winners also. Add in coffee pods or other related items such as a cookbook.

Keurig Coffee Makers

Crock Pots

Air Cookers

Favorite Pick:

Ninja Air Fryer - Amazon.com
Ninja Air Fryer – Amazon.com

Ideas for Kitchen Appliance Raffle:

Fall Sports

Sports themed ideas would be great for your school football or soccer team. Anything to do with sports would be a successful prize, but a few suggestions would be a football throwing practice net, sports fan related gifts and games, and hiking gear. And, any time of the year is a great time for a BIG SCREEN TV! Especially, for sports fans.

Football Practice Net

Football Fan Gifts and Games

Hiking Gear

Big Screen TV

Favorite Pick:

Football Trainer Net - Amazon.com
Football Trainer Net – Amazon.com

Big Screen TV

Sports Fans love a BIG Screen TV! No matter what time of year, a big screen TV is always a great choice for a raffle.

Raffle Tickets

A raffle is a fairly easy fundraiser to hold. The main things you’ll need is the prize (of course) and lots of participants to sell tickets. You can plan your raffle around an event or just display the prize at a local business. In either case, you’ll need raffle tickets and a ballot box or drum.

Fall Raffle Prize Ideas

Fall is a great time for a fundraising raffle. School is starting and everyone is winding down from Summer vacations. The weather is cool and brisk and it’s a great time to look to something new and exciting. A raffle is certainly exciting! Taking a chance on a coveted prize, plus helping out a good cause or the local school or sports team, will raise the excitement level. A raffle is easy and fun to do. This article has gotten you started with ideas for great Fall prizes. After you have your prize ready, hold a pep rally to get everyone excited about selling tickets! The time is now. Hold a Fall raffle to get you set on a great path.

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