Raffle Prize Ideas for Schools

Raffle Prize Ideas for Schools

Raffle Prize Ideas for Schools

One of the easiest ways to earn extra funds for your school or school club is with a raffle. Choosing the prize is the difficult part and we are here with a few ideas to help you out.

First, there are a couple of ways to go about a school raffle. You can have ticket sales open only to students at your school or open to anyone in your school neighborhood area. How you choose to run your raffle will make a difference in the prize you choose. For example, if it’s only school-wide, you will want a prize that students will love. If it’s community-wide, you can choose a more generic prize that teens or adults would like to have.

Choices to Sell Tickets:

  1. Within School Only
  2. Entire School Neighborhood

Also, you should consider the season and if a specific holiday is near. Your prize could be geared toward that theme. For example, a Holiday Stocking near Christmas or Chocolate Gift Basket for Valentine’s Day.

When Selecting Prize Consider:

  • Season
  • Any Holiday coming up

Raffle Prize Ideas for Students

Generally, a school raffle will be held by a club or sports team. The prize doesn’t have to be really expensive, but enough that a student is willing to buy a ticket for a chance to win.

If you’ve decided to have a raffle fundraiser within your school and sell tickets only to students, consider this: “What would any student love to win in a raffle?”.

What Would Any Student Love to Win?

What would any student love to win in a raffle?

Most students would go for anything electronic! Also, with schools having online school these days, a laptop is required! Consider an iPad or Kindle Fire. Of course, they are for work and students want things for fun, so consider a video game console, Echo device, or headphones. There are many cool, new Echo devices out now. Always pick the newest version to make it a more enticing prize.

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Prizes Students Love

To get ideas for prizes students would love, I went straight to a student! When asked for suggestions, he recommended video game consoles (favorites were PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo Switch). Also, he said that an iPad and Smart Watch would be a big hit and I notice he loves his AirPods! Of course, these items can tend to be quite pricey, but prices do vary. Other suggestions that aren’t quite as expensive would be: headphones, Fire Tablet or Echo device.

Our Favorite Pick for Students:

New Fire HD 10 - Amazon.com
NEW Fire HD 10 – Amazon.com

More Raffle Ideas for Students

Also, students would love to have any type of spirit items, such as school logo clothing or tickets to an upcoming local team sports game. These are great raffle ideas, especially for any high school sports team fundraiser.

And, remember, you don’t have to limit your prize to only one, you can choose multiple products and have runner-up prizes – or – make up a gift basket with cool items!

  • School Logo Clothing (t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket)
  • Tickets to Sports Game (maybe local college game)
  • Gift Cards
  • Movie Night Gift Basket

Suggestion: Have students or club members vote on what their favorite prize would be.

General Raffle Prize Ideas

Although any of the above prizes would be great for anyone, you might want to select a prize that is also suitable for an older adult if you are selling tickets to local friends and neighbors. You might also advertise in local stores or set up a table outside a store or mall to sell tickets. You’ll be selling to all ages, so make your prize is something anyone would want, not only a student.

A favorite prize for all ages is, of course, a television! Everyone loves a new TV! Other ideas would be any of the electronics mentioned above, or something more unique like a S’mores Maker (Students would love this also!).

Also, gift baskets are a great idea. Popular gift basket themes are Movie Night, Sports, Chocolate Lovers, and Holidays. These can be made up by students or bought ready-made on Amazon. You can find lots of do-it-yourself gift basket ideas on Pinterest.

5 Prize Ideas for a Local Raffle:

  1. Television
  2. Amazon Device
  3. S’mores Maker
  4. Gift Basket
  5. Seasonal (Examples: Lawn Mower, Snow Blower)

Our Favorite Pick:

All New Echo Show 8 – Amazon.com

We love the Echo Show 8 because it’s a cool and fun new device that not only students will love, but anyone!

Ready to Get Started?

Hopefully, these ideas have you on your way to choosing the perfect raffle prize for your school fundraiser. Often overlooked as a way to raise funds in a school setting, the raffle is always an easy and profitable option.

Don't Forget the Raffle Tickets

Raffle Supplies

When planning your raffle, don’t forget to purchase a few supplies. You’ll need raffle tickets, obviously, and you’ll also need a ticket box (or boxes).

Raffle Prize Ideas or Schools

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