October Fundraising Ideas

October Fundraising Ideas

Fun Fundraising Ideas for October

October is a great month to fund raise! Summer is over, the weather is turning cooler, and football season is in full swing. People are already preparing for winter and the upcoming holidays, the perfect time to sell items that can be used as gifts.

Remember, customers are more willing to purchase an item that is useful to them. Even if they’re paying more for it, they know that it will help your school, team, or group to raise extra funds. Candy, snack foods, and products that can be used as gifts are perfect for October. Now is the time for those order-taker fundraisers. Most have items that can be used as gifts, and if you start in October, the fundraiser could be done and products delivered before Christmas.

To address social distancing, we now offer Web Stores for order-taker brochures. Read about Web Stores below…

You could also have a Fall event fundraiser, such as a Fall Festival, Hay Ride, Car Wash, Bounce House, Haunted House, Halloween Costume Party, or Bake Sale.

Most of all, October is the perfect time to to have FUN while you’re fundraising! Don’t go for the same boring ideas. You’ll raise much more money if you’re having fun while you’re doing it! But, keep in mind, even “fun” fundraisers will require hard work and commitment to be successful.

Below are a few fun ideas for your October fundraisers. Choose one that fits with your school or group. A school will require a much different product than a small club.

But, this year…you will need to look at SCHOOL FUNDRAISING DIFFERENTLY!

This year you will need to look at school fundraisig differently!

October Fundraising Ideas With Social Distancing In Mind:

This year October fundraising will need to take a different direction! Most of the ideas originally in this article will not work with social distancing. Although, you may still do them will guidelines in mind.

Our best option for fundraising in our “New Normal” is our order-taker fundraisers with Web Stores. Most of our order-taker brochures now offer a Web Store for online sales. This is perfect for today. Your group’s unique link can be shared by text, email, and social media. Customers purchase using the Web Store, so no face-to-face contact!

Web Stores are offered for our new Custom Face Masks (most popular), Custom Travel Mugs, Holiday Wreaths, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Cookie Dough, Popcorn, Favorite Snacks, Coffee, Pizza Snacks, and Candles.

Web Store Highlights:

  • Features products from a specific fundraiser
  • Set-Up Fee: $25 (one time fee)
  • Your group has a unique link for sharing
  • Tracks total sales and sales per participant (including customer info)
  • NO TALLY SHEETS to fill out!
  • All products sold are delivered to your group for distribution
  • Print-Out w/sales breakdown per participant
  • Profit from sales mailed at end of fundraiser

5 Fun Fundraising Ideas for October:

5 Fun Fundraising Ideas for October

1. Fall Festival

A Fall Festival is a big undertaking and more suited for a school or church. Although it’s a lot of work, it’s also lots of fun for everyone involved. There are many ways to earn funds at a Fall Festival, including food booths, bake sales, auctions, games, activities, and usually a raffle. Generally, different classes or clubs will each have a booth that is their responsibility. You could also include Brunswick Stew, Haunted House, and Hay Ride.

2. Halloween Costume Party

This fun fundraiser works for any size group, from a large school to a small club. Charge an admission at the door, and you can also sell refreshments to earn funds. And, don’t forget a raffle of some kind. It could be a giant candy filled Halloween Gift Basket.

3. Bake Sale

There’s no better time of the year for a Bake Sale! And, not only are they FUN, but YUMMY, too! This fundraiser is more suited for a smaller group, for example a school club. You know the routine, everyone bake something for the sale. Set up outside of a local business (with their permission) or at your school Fall Festival. Baked goods should include lots of Halloween or Fall themed items.

4. Raffle

A raffle is always an easy and fun way to earn money for any size school, sports team, club or group. For an October raffle, choose items that are Fall themed. You can have one big prize or one main and several runner-up prizes. You can read the article, Fall Raffle Prize Ideas, for prize suggestions.

You can add a raffle to another fundraising event you’re having or it can stand on it’s own. It’s always exciting when the winner is announced!

A Raffle can be a great “social distance” fundraiser! Display the prize and ballot box in a local store or business.

5. Order-Taker Contest

Order-taker fundraisers may sound boring, but they can be fun it you include a contest! Offer a fun prize for the class, student, or club member who sells the most! This puts some pizazz into it! It’s a good idea to choose a brochure that offers snacks or products that can be used as gifts. Suggestions would be snacks, gourmet coffee, or cookie dough (for Christmas baking).

NEW! Our Order-Taker brochures now feature Web Stores for online selling!

This type of fundraiser works for any size group and is a favorite for schools. The best thing is, you don’t need any money to start. The brochures are generally free. Get started with this one soon, as you want your products to be delivered before Christmas.


October Fundraising Ideas

More October Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Brunswick Stew Sale
  2. Chili Cook-Off
  3. Corn Maze
  4. Haunted House
  5. Hay Rides

Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and school/group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!

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