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Can’t decide on the best product for your group? If you need more info or would like to show our different products to the other members of your school, church, or group, we recommend that you request our FREE Fundraising Info Guide.

This 16 page catalog includes information on all of the ABC Fundraising products with descriptions, profit charts, and fundraising tips. The .PDF format makes it easy to share.

Our new WEB STORES are not shown in the current guide. Just know that order-taker fundraisers now have Web Stores available for online selling. Please use the link below to view this information:

Fundraisers With Web Stores

ABC Fundraising Info Guide

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How to Get Your Free Fundraising Guide

To get your .PDF copy of the Free Fundraising Info Guide, email me, your ABC Fundraising Representative, ( and I will return email you a .PDF file of the catalog. Please include in your email:

  • Requesting FREE INFO GUIDE
  • Your Organization Name (if one)
  • Your Name

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