Christmas Holiday Raffle Prize Ideas

Holiday Raffle Prize Product Ideas

Ideas for a Christmas Holiday Raffle Prize

If you’re looking for an easy idea for fundraising during the holiday season, try holding a raffle for a gift basket, television, a fun new gadget, a cool new Echo device, giant stuffed animal…or here’s a unique idea…Katydids Candy tins. People usually don’t mind taking a chance on a raffle during the holidays, especially if it’s something they would love to have themselves or give as a gift, and if it’s for a good cause! This article gives you twelve ideas for a successful holiday raffle.

Twelve Holiday Raffle Prize Ideas

Twelve Popular Holiday Raffle Prizes

  1. Smart TV
  2. Echo Device
  3. Smart Watch
  4. Ring Video Doorbell
  5. Security Camera
  6. Holiday Gift Basket
  7. Keurig Coffee Maker
  8. S’mores Maker
  9. Instant Pot
  10. Roomba
  11. Giant Stuffed Animal
  12. Katydids Candy

1. Smart TV Raffle

A Smart TV is the number one choice for a holiday raffle prize! A new TV always a great pick for a raffle product, and especially this time of year. Everyone loves a new TV. A new Smart TV would make a fantastic prize that anyone would love to win! Amazon has great deals on televisions and free shipping offers.

3. Smart Watch Raffle

A Smart Watch would make a great idea for a raffle. Not everyone has one, but everyone wants one! You should offer two winners. One for a man size and one for a woman size watch.

4. Ring Video Doorbell Raffle

These days everyone wants and needs a video doorbell. But, it’s one of those things that are still considered a luxury. Consider a Ring Video Doorbell for your raffle.

5. Security Camera Raffle

A Security Camera is another item that everyone needs these days. They are more and more popular with homeowners and even renters. Outdoor and indoor security cameras are a high demand item and will make a unique raffle idea.

6. Holiday Gift Basket Raffle

A Gift Basket is always a popular item for any holiday raffle and are available in a large variety of styles, sizes, and prices. You can purchase a pre-made one or make your own.

7. Keurig Coffee Maker Raffle

A Keurig Coffee Maker would make a unique holiday raffle idea. Choose from a simple single serve coffee maker or one with all the works! There’s one option with single serve and a coffee pot together. Holidays are a great time for a new coffee maker.

8. S’mores Maker Raffle

Now you can get a fun inside S’mores Maker. Holiday parties will be more fun with S’mores! For your raffle include all the fixings to go with the S’mores Maker.

9. Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a new kitchen gadget that everyone wants. It’s great for cooking a warm meal on a cold day. An Instant Pot can be a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more, all in one. Multi-cookers are sometimes called an Instant Pot because this is a well known brand name. You can also find multi-cookers in other brands.

10. Roomba

The iRobot Roomba is not only a unique gift, but anyone who cleans house will want one! It’s a cool new gadget for a raffle prize. Now is a great time to buy, as Amazon has terrific sales going on especially for the holidays.

11. Giant Stuffed Animal

Everyone would love a giant stuffed animal! If they don’t want it for themselves, they know someone to gift it to! The holiday season is the perfect time to raffle one to these cuddly, stuffed animals. You could also have a few regular size stuffed animals for runner-up prizes.

12. Katydids Candy

Katydids Candy
Katydids Candy – by the case

Katydids candy is a much loved and much wanted, long time favorite candy! Purchase several cases (12 tins each case) and rather than selling it outright, raffle it off. Raffle by the tin, with lots of winners, raffle by the case, or use the tins to add to Holiday gift baskets to raffle. Katydids candy tins make great gifts for family and friends and will be a unique raffle idea for the holidays!

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Holiday Raffle Prize Ideas


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