Snack Order-Taker Brochure Fundraiser

Snack Order-Taker Brochure Fundraiser

Snacking Made Simple Order-Taker Brochures

The Snacking Made Simple Fundraising Brochure is a fun order-taker fundraiser for Fall! It includes a wide variety of yummy choices, including crunchy and sweet & salty snacks.

This brochure is great for any size group or for a whole school because you can order by unit, not case. That is a great feature, especially for small groups. Items are priced between $12 and $18. And, there’s more…NO Minimum Order and Free Shipping!

This is a no risk fundraiser, with no money needed up-front. Give us a call to order your brochures and get started!


  • Free Color Order-Taker Brochures
  • Variety of Product Choices
  • Product Retail: $12 – $18
  • Order by Unit, not case
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Shipping!
  • Product Delivery Time: 7 – 10 business days
  • Brochure Delivery Time: 5 – 7 business days
  • Earn 40 – 45% Profit
  • View Brochure PDF
  • Call 1-866-826-0944 to Order Brochures

Request Fundraising Brochures - 866-826-0944

Order-Taker Brochures:

The mouth-watering photos in the Snacking Made Simple order-taker brochure are sure to make many sales. Customers can choose from 12 varieties of snacks. View Brochure PDF

  • Snacking Made Simple - Cover

Sweet Selections:

  1. Pecan Caramel Clusters
  2. English Butter Toffee
  3. Deluxe Cashew Caramel Clusters
  4. Peanut Butter Bears

Crunchy Selections:

  1. Hot Cajun Crunch
  2. Cranberry Nut Mix
  3. Peanut Butter Pretzel Ball Mix
  4. Butter Toasted Pecans

Sweet & Salty Selections:

  1. Caramel Corn
  2. Butter Popcorn
  3. Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
  4. Chicago Style Mixed Popcorn

How Does This Fundraiser Work?

  1. Call (1-866-826-0944) to order 1 FREE brochure per fundraising participant.
  2. Participants collect orders and payment from friends and family.
  3. You place the final order for the products.
  4. All items will be shipped to you.
  5. Distribute to your participants to deliver to customers.
  6. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)

Snacking Made Simple Order-Taker Fundraiser


Request Fundraising Brochures - 866-826-0944

How to Pay:

You have several options of payment, including major credit card, Pay Pal, or School Purchase Order. If you are paying by mail, you can also use a check, money order, or certified check.

Methods of Payment:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • School Purchase Orders
  • Checks, money orders, and certified checks


Note: We try our hardest to keep our site content accurate. However, sometimes we miss something or items and prices may change without notice. You can call a friendly consultant (1-866-826-0944) to double check the details.


Fundraising Tips:

Always tell your customers:

  1. WHO you are (your name and school/group name)
  2. WHAT you are selling
  3. WHY you are fundraising


  • Smile!
  • Say Thank You!

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Free Fundraising Info Guide

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