Order-Taker Fundraisers

Order-Taker Fundraisers w/Online Store

Order-Taker Fundraisers

Order-Taker fundraisers, also known as pre-sell or brochure fundraising, are one of the most popular types of fundraisers. There are many products available for order-taker fundraising. Each has a free colorful brochure for taking orders. These fundraisers are risk free, no money up front needed. Order-Takers are the preferred fundraiser for schools, PTO/PTA, clubs, and groups. And, YES, you can still have an order-taker fundraiser and social distance! Our brochures now include an Online Store. More Info: How to Add an Online Store to Your Brochure Fundraiser

Contact: Faye Rutledge, UNIPAK SUPPLY Independent Distributor, faye@fundraiseralley.com, 434-851-6297

Order-Taker Brochures Now Include an Online Store!

OS Fun-Raising | OS Single Sheet | Amazing Gourmet Cookie Dough | Amazing Gourmet Single Sheet | Poppin’ Popcorn Single Sheet | Preferred Sweets | Auntie Anne’s Pretzels | Mini-Cookies and More | Heartland Home Collection | Preferred Cheese & Sausage | Pizza & Pretzel Snacks | OS Same Price Snacks | OS Extravaganza | Heartland Spring Goodies & Gifts | Epic Desserts

Cookie Dough Brochures:

Amazing Gourmet Cookie Dough Brochure Amazing Gourmet Single Sheet Brochure Otis Spunkmeyer Single Sheet Brochure

Candy & Snacks Brochures:

Poppin Popcorn Single Sheet Preferred Sweets Brochure Auntie Anne's Pretzels & More Brochure Mini Cookies & Snacks Brochure Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising Brochure Heartland Home Collection Brochure Cheese & Sausage Brochure Zap-a-Snack Pizza and Auntie Annes Pretzels Fundraiser Otis Spunkmeyer One Price Snacks Otis Spunkmeyer Extravaganza Brochure Heartland Goodies and Gifts Spring Collection Brochure Epic Desserts Brochure

More Info/Get Started:

Info/Get Started: faye@fundraiseralley.com, 434-851-6297
Contact: Faye Rutledge, UNIPAK SUPPLY Independent Distributor, faye@fundraiseralley.com, 434-851-6297

Things You Choose

You will need to make the following choices before starting your fundraiser:


  1. Print Brochure (+ PDF) Only
  2. Print Brochure and Online
  3. Brochure Online Only


  1. Your Brochure Only
  2. Your Brochure + Online Store Products


  1. Group only
  2. Buyer Home only = 100% Touchless Fundraiser – 40% Profit (non-frozen)
  3. Buyer Chooses – Ship-to-Group or Ship-to-Home (non-frozen)


  1. Per Student
  2. Per Classroom
  3. Bulk

Note: You will receive envelopes per-your-choice to return order forms. No charge for packaging per-student or per-classroom. No shipping charge for returning order forms.


Note: We try our hardest to keep our site content accurate. However, sometimes we miss something or items and prices may change without notice.