Order-Taker Fundraisers

Order-Taker Fundraisers

Order-Taker Brochure Fundraisers

Order-Taker fundraisers, also known as pre-sell or brochure fundraising, are one of the most popular types of fundraisers. There are many products available for order-taker fundraising. Each has a free colorful brochure for taking orders. These fundraisers are risk free, no money up front needed. Order-Takers are the preferred fundraiser for schools, PTO/PTA, clubs, and groups.

And, YES, you can still have an order-taker fundraiser and social distance…with a Web Store!

Most brochures now feature a WEB STORE for customer orders! Choose your favorite from the products below. Or, if a Web Store isn’t for you, each brochure includes a .PDF version for sharing, with TEXT to pay option.



Custom Face Mask Order-Taker Flower Bulbs Fundraiser Auntie Annes Pretzels Order-Taker Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taker Cookie Dough Tubs Order-Taker Preportioned Cookie Dough Boxes Order-Taker Ultimate Coffee Collection Brochure Snacks Order-Taker Fundraiser Zap-A-Snack Pizza Fundraiser Candles Order-Taker Custom Travel Mugs Fundraiser with Web Store

.PDF ONLY Brochures

Game On Beef Jerky Fundraiser Pizza and Movie Discount Card Entertainment Card Order-Taker

Brochure List:

Custom Face Masks – Custom logo face mask. Perfect for fundraising!

Custom Travel Mugs/Tumblers – Several sizes and styles of travel mugs and tumblers that can be customized with your logo and text. Brochure can be custom.

Cookie Dough Tubs – Crazy About Cookies Scoop & Bake cookie dough tubs.

Cookie Dough Preportioned – Crazy About Cookies Preportioned cookie dough in boxes.

The Ultimate Coffee Collection – Includes yummy flavored coffee selection in 11oz bags or single use pods (12ct box).

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – Includes pretzel snacks and cinnamon rolls.

Zap-A-Snack – Features frozen french bread pizza snacks.

Snacking USA – Variety of sweet, crunchy, or sweet & salty snacks.

Gourmet Popcorn – The Poppin’ Popcorn brochure features 8 yummy flavors of popcorn in resealable bags.

Candles – Featuring a variety of candle styles and scents.

Holiday Fundraiser – Features 5 choices for fresh holiday wreaths and decorations.

Flower Bulbs – Features flowers and vegetables.

Pizza and Movie Discount Cards – Papa Johns Pizza and Redbox movie discount cards. PDF brochure with TEXT to pay.

Entertainment Card – Entertainment Discount Membership Card, PDF brochure with TEXT to pay.

Game On Beef Jerky – Healthy Snack fundraiser. PDF brochure, with TEXT to pay.

New! Web Stores for Order-Taker Fundraisers

Brochure Web Stores

Great news! You can now have a Web Store with all of the products in your choice of order-taker brochure. Supporters can go online to order products from your fundraiser. The Web Store will track total orders, as well as orders for each participant, including customer information. A Web Store is the perfect answer to fundraising in today’s New Normal. In fact, you may never choose to do a fundraiser in any other way!

There is a one time set-up fee of $25 for a Web Store. You can do additional fundraisers later on with no set-up fee! You will receive a unique link to your fundraiser that participants can share with friends and family by text, email, and social media. Delivery will be to your group to distribute.

Web Store Highlights:

  • Features products from specific order-taker fundraiser
  • Set-Up Fee: $25 (one time fee)
  • Your group has a unique link for sharing
  • Tracks total sales and sales per participant (including customer info)
  • NO TALLY SHEETS to fill out!
  • All products sold are delivered to your group for distribution
  • Print-Out w/sales breakdown per participant
  • Profit from sales mailed at end of fundraiser

Ready to Get Started?

To request an order-taker fundraiser, contact: Faye Rutledge, ABC Fundraising Representative. (ftrutledge1950@gmail.com)

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Order-Taker Fundraisers, Featuring Brochure Web Stores

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Free Fundraising Info Guide, email: ftrutledge1950@gmail.com
Need more fundraising ideas? Request a free fundraising info guide. Email Faye Rutledge, ABC Fundraising Rep: ftrutledge1950@gmail.com.


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